Benefits of Banana – Top Health Benefits of Banana

. Banana is one of the most popular fruits in the World. It is also the fruit that is more eaten everywhere in the world Different types of Banana’s are present in the World But here I will discuss the Benefits of Banana – Top Health Benefits of Banana Whose color is yellow.Its shape is curved. His skin is green when it is unripe & when it becomes ripe its skin becomes converted into yellow. People eat this Fruit for different purposes here I will tell you about the Benefits of Banana – Top Health Benefits of Banana and the reasons for which Banana is eaten.

1)Banana Contains many Nutrients That are Most Beneficial for health: 

Banana Contains several amounts of Antioxidants in it. A medium Banana (118 g) contains a fair amount of fiber:

It contains almost:

  • 10% copper
  •  8% Magnesium
  • 14% Manganese
  • 24g Net Carbs
  • 3g Fibre
  • 1.5g Protein
  • 0.5g Fat
  • 33% Vitamin B6
  • 11% Vitamin C
  • 9% Potassium

Each Banana consists of a very exclusive amount of water and carb. It contains almost no Fat. Each band almost contains 105 calories.

Note that when the banana is unripe carbs is consist of Starch & resistant starch and when banana ripens then this starch converts into sugar(Sucrose, Glucose, and Fructose).

2)Banana Also contains those Nutrients that helps to keep the blood Sugar Level Normal:

When the Banana is unripe then it contains the Resistant starch that acts like soluble fiber and escapes Digestion. Banana also contains a fiber about 3g to 4g that is called Pectin. AND both Resistant and Pectin helps to moderate the Blood Sugar levels after the meal. and also reduce appetite by slowing stomach emptying. Benefits of Banana – Top Health Benefits of Banana

3)Banana contains Fibre that may improve the Digestion level of health:

A medium sized Banana contains 3 to 4 grams of Fibre that have too many benefits including Digestion. It contains Fiber of two types:

  1. Pectin: As the Banana Ripens it decreases reversely.
  2. Resistant Starch: It is present in unripe Banana. When the Banana Ripens it turns into the Sugar.

Resistant Starch escapes Digestion and ends up in our large intestine where it helps as food for the beneficial gut Bacteria.

And some studies shows that pectin may help to protect against Colon Cancer.

4)Banana may prove helpful to lose body weight:

Any research or study does not show that banana is beneficial to lose weight because it contains a lot of Carbs and Protein that helps the body to fill up not to goes down. But It also has fiber that may help the body to lose weight in some sense. But it also contains the resistant starch that fills up and reduces the Appetite.

Health Benefits of Banana

5)Banana may support your Heart Health: Let us Know that how it improves the heart Health..???

Potassium is the very important mineral that is essential for the health, especially blood pressure control. But despite knowing the importance of the Potassium some people’s are not eating the required amount of Potassium in their daily diet. So, Banana is the great source of Potassium that contains about 9% potassium in it. It lowers the blood pressure and the people’s eating a large amount of Potassium have 27% fewer chances of heart disease. Benefits of Banana – Top Health Benefits of Banana

6)Banana Contains the Powerful Antioxidants that Helps the Body in different ways:

Vegetables and fruits are the great sources of Antioxidants like:

  • Dopamines
  • Catechins

They contain the several antioxidants(Dopamines & Catechins) that helps to decrease the chances of heart diseases and degenerative diseases.

Benefits of Banana

7)Bananas May Improve to help the Kidney health:

Potassium is essential for the Kidney health. AND banana contains potassium that May improve better especially for the kidney health. Studies show that those over 13 that eat bananas 3 4 times in a week that are facilitating the kidneys Potassium and that improves the kidneys health and also fights against the kidney diseases.

8)Bananas May proves better for the Athletics and Sportsmen:

Bananas contain the Fibres like resistant starch and Pectin that helps the sportsmen and Athletics by filling them up and by reducing their Appetite that is better for them. Bananas also contain the proteins that are also most essential for the sportsmen and Athletics. Some studies show that they are helpful some show that they are not helping. But according to my experience, they are helpful for the Sportsmen.

9)Helps to less the chances of AAsthma:

Asthma is a very dangerous and bothered disease that increases the tension of a person. One study shows that Children who eat 1 banana per day have 34-37% fewer chances of developing Asthma. Benefits of Banana – Top Health Benefits of Banana

10)Moderate consumption of Banana may provide the protection to the Kidneys against Cancer:

Every person by eating 4 to 6 Banana’s a week can decrease his chances of Kidney cancer. Banana’s Protect kidneys from cancer because they contain the excess of Antioxidants.

11)Bananas Improve Mood and Reduce the Stress:

Bananas are the great source of amino acids like Tryptophan to which your body converts into the Serotonin. And a proper level of Serotonin helps to improve the Mood and Reduces the stress and also enhances your general outlook and happiness. Benefits of Banana – Top Health Benefits of Banana


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