Benefits of Eating Potatoes  – Potatoes Health Benefits.Now Here I will tell you something different about the Potatoes. Potatoes are more eaten vegetable in the World instead of other vegetables. It is very beneficial for health – Specially Potatoes are very favourite of the children’s. They are very Fond of eating Potatoes. They are very tasty. They have all kinds of Vitamins, salts and proteins in their excess that helps to fight against many diseases.

Although there are number of peoples in the world that eat potatoes very fondness. But here I will tell you the story of that person who decide to live only by eating Potatoes for a year that’s name is Andrio Flinders Taylor. he decide to live only on potatoes during the whole year. According to him he wants to gain experience by living on only single vegetable just on potato. So, after that from the start of last year he started to eat potatoes. Now he said that he remains full energetic during the whole day by just eating Potatoes. But a doctor specially to check him just for the purpose of to care about. Recently reports shown that potatoes are facilitating him all the ingredients that are necessary to live. Benefits of Eating Potatoes  – Potatoes Health Benefits.

Benefits of Eating Potatoes

Dr. Jen says that by eating just potatoes he can remain bereft from the most necessary ingredients. And if he wants to get those necessary ingredients then by eating 3KG Potatoes during the whole day he can get those energetic ingredients. he will get 60G protein from the 3KG Potatoes because potatoes have grease in very little quantity. So by lessness of grease Vitamin A & D could not be permeab in the body. This is reason that Doctors warn the Andrio that his experience could be proof very dangerous.


And on the other side, By just losing weight by eating Potatoes, Thousands of the peoples are praising him. Andrio says that a till he did not reach to the required target(e.g Lose weight). But he will achieve the target because it is necessary to proof his experience successfully.Benefits of Eating Potatoes  – Potatoes Health Benefits.

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