Neem for Dandruff – Neem for hair benefits

Neem for Dandruff  – Neem for hair benefits

Neem for dandruff:

Neem for Dandruff  and Neem for hair benefits a natural remedy to get rigid of it.Dandruff is not restricted to your scalp alone, even the skin on your face and body is prone to dandruff. . It is but natural to assume that dandruff is caused due to dryness. In opposition to this notion, research suggests that dandruff is actually due to cells of the skin that have a very short life, they grow and die with great rapidity. A fungus known as Malaysia is responsible for dandruff. Certain weather conditions do facilitate the growth of dandruff, most frequently the winter season. It has the tendency to being stubborn and coming back again and again despite proper treatment. Contrary to popular belief, one effective way to get rid of dandruff is to shampoo daily, this prevents the growth of the cells that have a short life. An after effect of untreated dandruff is hair loss. Thus, it is best to catch the issue on time and follow a due course of treatment.

Neem for Dandruff  – Neem for hair benefits


  • The skin on the face and body is prone to dandruff.
  • Neem can be used in the form of an oil.
  • A fungus known as Malaysia is responsible for dandruff.
  • If you have a very dry scalp, more often than not, you may have found yourself in an embarrassing situation where the collar of your shirt is covered with white flaky substances.
  1. Chew the leaves:

Neem for Dandruff  and Neem for hair benefits According to beauty experts, the easiest way to get rid of dandruff is to chew the neem leaves every morning. However, you may need some convincing for that as neem leaves taste a bit bitter. Mix them with honey and have or make a decoction by boiling neem leaves and drink the strained water

2. Neem hair mask:

A homemade neem back is the easiest remedy for dandruff. All you have to do is take some neem leaves, grind them in the mixer and add a tablespoon of honey to it. Once it becomes a thick paste, put it all over the scalp like a hair mask and allow it to stay for 20 minutes. Wash it when it is suitably dry and watch the wonders it does to your scalp.Neem for Dandruff  and Neem for hair benefits

3. Neem as a hair conditioner:

Neem for Dandruff  and Neem for hair benefits Take a few neem leaves and boil them, allow them to cool down. After shampooing your hair, rinse the hair with this mixture of neem and see the miracle. According to Ayurveda, the plethora of medicinal properties exhibited by neem are used for all hair ailments and show drastic effects upon regular use.

4. Neem and curd:

A combination of neem and curd is the ideal way to curb dandruff. Make a paste of neem leaves, add it to a bowl of curd and apply all over your scalp. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse. The anti-fungal properties of neem in combination with the soothing and cool effect of curd does wonders in fighting dandruff. Neem for Dandruff  and Neem for hair benefits

5. Neem oil:

Nee oil is is Best for Hair and we can use it easily it can be created at home by naturally Neem can be used in the form of an oil. This oil can be easily created at home by adding few neem leaves to coconut oil and bringing it to a boil and finally adding a few drops of lemon to it.Neem for Dandruff  and Neem for hair benefits

How to get rid of blackheads on face – Best Face mask to removing

How to get rid of blackheads on face:


  • Coriander leaves and turmeric powder help clear blackheads.
  • Curd is great for soothing dry skin
  • Multani mitti with lemon juice is the best remedy for pimple scars.

How to get rid of blackheads on face Coriander leaves and turmeric powder makes a great solution for excessive blackheads on your face especially on nose. The pack helps on shrinking large pores. Coriander acts as caustic to clean dirt, blocking the pores of your skin. Turmeric helps in pulling out excess oil in your skin pores.

How to get rid of blackheads on face…???

How to make????????
Best method for How to get rid of blackheads on face Blend coriander leaves with two leaves teaspoon of turmeric powder to make fine paste. Apply this paste on your face and keep it overnight. Wash it off the next morning with cold water. Follow this routine at least twice a week to get rigid of blackheads easily.

1: Curd and gram flour pack for dry skin:

The curd and besan face pack makes for an amazing way to nourish dry skin and remove dead cells. Besan acts as cleansing agent for the skin and curd has a moisturizing effect.

How to make???

All you need to do is to mix two tablespoons of besan, one tablespoon of curd, one teaspoon of honey and a dash of turmeric to make a smooth paste. Apply evenly on you face and leave it for about five minutes and wash it off with cold water. Try repeating this regime regularly. Curd is a natural moistures honey cleanses your skin and turmeric works as an antiseptic that maintains the pH levels of your skin. All these ingredients put together will heal your dry skin naturally.

2: Saffron face pack for improving skin tone:

Saffron is known for many healing properties. It is a rich source of iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, zinc and copper and vitamins including vitamin A, folic acid, niacin and Vitamin C. Saffron helps improving your skin tone and clears dull skin. It helps remove dark circle and fine lines. The face pack below with saffron will help increase circulation of blood bringing a perfect if you not know How to get rid of blackheads on face than use this method.

How to make this mask??

To make a brilliant saffron face pack take about three to four strands of saffron and soak them in two teaspoons of water overnight (the color of the water turns wonderful yellowish). Now add one teaspoon of milk, dash of sugar and a few drops of coconut oil to the saffron infused water. Immerse a piece of bread in this mixture and apply this mixture on your face with this piece of bread. Keep this pack for about fifteen minutes before washing it off with cold water. Pat dry your face and repeat this at least two to three times a week to get the best result.

3: Fenugreek face pack to cool skin:

Fenugreek is known for its cooling properties and to cure inflammation and discomfort caused by pimples. The antiseptic and antibiotic properties of methi seeds heal skin infections too keeping your skin hydrated and clean.

How to make??

Method of How to get rid of blackheads on face There are two way to make a simple methi seed face pack- one is to boil a few methi seeds in one cup of water and when the seeds start to get softer, allow the water to cool down. Use this water all over the face by patting it with a cotton ball and leave it on for one to two hours. It will immediately give you a cooling effect and help redness on your face. There are two way to make a simple methi seed face pack- one is to boil a few methi seeds in one cup of water and when the seeds start to get softer, allow the water to cool down. Use this water all over the face by patting it with a cotton ball and leave it on for one to two hours. It will immediately give you a cooling effect and help redness on your face.

4: Aloe Vera face pack to remove sun tan black spots:

Aloe Vera is help How to get rid of blackheads on face Aloe Vera has always been known to be used in cosmetics and beauty concoctions since the times of Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. It was used as a treatment for various skin conditions and many internal disorders. The leaves have amazing compounds like manna’s, lectins and polysaccharides among others. It is best used for removing sun tan and dark spots caused by the sun.

How to make it???

Squeeze the aloe Vera gel out of the leaves into a bowl. Add a few drops of lemon in the gel. Use your fingers to mix both the ingredients and apply it on your face. Keep it for around 20 minutes before washing it off with cold water. Do not apply any moisturizer post the application of this face mask as aloe Vera itself is a great moisturizer.How to get rid of blackheads on face

How to Get Rid of Tartar | Plaque on teeth

How to Get Rid of Tartar and Plaque on teeth

  • Tartar is also called calculus.
  • Most common sign of Tartar is a yellow or brown deposits between the teeth.

Here are easy home remedies to remove tartar

How to Get Rid of Tartar and Plaque on teeth White teeth are magnetic. They always draw attention and add yup majorly to your beauty .therefore it is very important to take proper care of teeth. Our teeth tend to get affected by tartar and plague which adversely affect the shine and brightness of our teeth. Tartar is a yellow hard deposit on the teeth and consisting of food, mineral salts, and calcium carbonate. Tartar also called calculus. Tartar arises from a plague when plagues stay for a long time on your teeth, it hardens and turns into tartar. Even if you take good care of your teeth there are some bacteria left in the mouth which leads to tartar which eventually causes to cavities and teeth decay. If the tartar is above the gum line, it may harmful for you because the bacteria can damage your-your gums and slowly and gradually develop into a fatal gum disease. Also, these bacteria in gum disease sometimes lead to heart disease which is very harmful to us. The most common sign of Tartar is a yellow or brown deposit between the teeth. It also deposits on the gum line.

How to Get Rid of Tartar and Plaque on teeth

How to avoid the formation of tartar???:

  • Eating cheese before your meal can help in neutralizing the acid which leads to tartar.
  • Brush twice a day and at least 2 mins each time. You have to brush for more than just a few second to make sure even the hard to reach corners are clean.
  • Use strawberries and tomatoes. Both of them are rich in vitamin c. they keep your teeth white and soften tartar. Rub them on your teeth. Leave them for few minutes and wash off.
  • Floss regularly, no matter how much you brush your teeth, you cannot get rigid of tartar without floss.

There are some home remedies to get rigid of tartar:

  • Baking soda:

How to Get Rid of Tartar and Plaque on teeth by using baking soda Mix two tbsp.  Of baking powder with 1 tbsp. of salt. Mix this with your toothpaste. Ad brush properly. Baking powder helps in neutralizing the acid in the mouth which helps to get brighter and whiter teeth.

  • Aloe Vera:

Here I told you How to Get Rid of Tartar and Plaque on teeth from Aloe Vera Extracts the Aloe Vera pulp from fresh leaves, rub it on your teeth and leave for 10 mint before rinsing your mouth. Aloe Vera kills the bacteria that causes the tartar. As it is antimicrobial properties. It also fights bad breath.

  • Guava:

Wash some guava leaves, chew them and spit them out. You can also eat unripe guava with a little salt sprinkled on it. Guava is known to provide relief from gum problems because it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to reduce swelling and pain in the teeth.Guava gave you the help for How to Get Rid of Tartar and Plaque on teeth

  • Cloves:

Cloves are best tips for How to Get Rid of Tartar and Plaque on teeth Take 1 tbsp. of cloves powder and add olive oil to it. Apply this mixture on your teeth, leave for a few mins and then wash off the lukewarm water. Cloves fight the microbes in the mouth that cause tartar.

  • White vinegar:

Mix 2 tbsp. of white vinegar with 1 tablespoon of salt in ½ a cup of warm water. Rinse your mouth with this liquid daily.

  • Rosemary essential oil:

Mix 2 drops of rosemary oil with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or water, rinse your mouth with this twice a day. It has anti-bacterial properties and helps to reduce dental problems.

  • Black tea:

Black tea helps in fighting against plaque and bacteria. Rinse your mouth with this twice a day. It is very useful to solve all the dental diseases.How to Get Rid of Tartar and Plaque on teeth

Orange health benefits and Peel extract

Orange health benefits and Orange peel extract

Orange peel extract:

Orange health benefits and Orange peel extract are discussing here Beautiful actress gaze, shiny eyes, clear as some secret lake out of the people’s reach represents our wish and constant research to have it. The people always liked big bright eyes.Game of seducing is a great deal based on the this. Combining the health and beauty effect is the main gold. In the history, women have resorted to various methods to achieve the shine eyes. One of them was very damaging, but in the sea of the many, there was one very healthy.

The ancient secret relieved Spanish women and it is all about orange and its peel.

Orange health benefits and Orange peel extract

The Orange Health benefits:

The orange as a fruit is present in the daily diet in many countries, due to its more than great healing effect.

It is known as rich of vitamins A, B, C and E. It is a great fighter against infections.

Orange helps in the treatment of kidneys and regulation of blood pressure.

The healing effect has every part of the orange. Only the orange peel has two times more vitamin C than the soft, juicy part.

Precisely, existing of vitamins B talks about oranges medicinal effect on eyes.

In the orange peel exists the emulsion. It can be extracted by simply squeezing the peel.

The extract has a beneficial effect on the eye gaze making the eye more shiny and clear. The orange peel extract has a very good effect on persons better view and her health. In the moment in wich extract gets inside the eye it starts to impact on the part wich is the most responsible for the eye’s glow, and that is a part behind the cornea.Orange health benefits and Orange peel extract

How to imply extraction on eyes?

The first rule: do not do it suddenly. The reason for this is that it can be very unpleasant for the eyes, but some serious reason for this has not.

The orange peel must be first washed and clean. After that put it in some warm place to dry or just clean it.

Take the orange peel and squeeze it. In the moment when the bright emulsion starts coming out just bring the peel closer to the eye and start to blink. In that way, all orange peel extract will remain on the inner side of your lashes. Repeat this process time to time, so that can you avoid unwanted effects on the eye such as tingling and redness, and in the same time make your beauty comes out impacting healthy on your eye.The fact about orange peel extract was unknown to the ordinary people but not to science and makeup industry, so the extract becomes the ingredient of eyelash mascaras for a long time already.

Orange health benefits

The orange peel benefits to skin as well and whole our body. It is completely in the service of our beauty and health.It can be part of all kinds of meals, salads.On the market is present and orange peel oil and some kinds of the face mask.

The process of getting these masks are different, easy. It can be performed in a home environment.

What this story tells us is that our nature thinks about us. On every its part we can have a resolution of our problems, especially health once. In every step of the way, we have the secrets which we need to see and use it. The eyes are important to our lives and the world around us.  So on the end of the day take one moment dedicated only to your eyes and turn your kitchen into a beauty and health salon.Orange health benefits and Orange peel extract.

Written by:

Ivana Koprivica


How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes | reduce puffy eyes

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes When normal fats that helps to supports the eyes moves into the lower eyelid, it causes the lid to appear puffy. Additionally fluid can accumulate in the area below your eyes which can cause them to swell up .in most cases puffy and droop eyes could be a sign of tiredness or lack of sleepiness. Unless it is a medical condition you can help yourself get rigid of bags under the eyes. . Salt is not only linked to high blood pressure, but it can also cause fluid retention which can lead to puffy and droopy eyes. It is better to use the Himalayan salt and sea salt in minimum quantity. Avoid salty processed foods for How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes You can even opt for fresh vegetables, in particular celery, which can help curb your desire for salt. Here are some tips to get rigid of eye bags.

  • Puffy and droopy eyes could be a sign of tiredness or lack of sleep.
  • Apply chilled cucumber slices or tea bags can help get rigid of eye bags.
  • Salt can cause fluid retention, restrict it to minimum quantity.

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

  • Exercise:

Exercise for How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes Exercising is the solution of almost all the problems from weight loss to getting rigid of eye bags. It is natural way to reduce the sign of aging and can promote youthful grow. Yoga poses such as shoulder stand and back bands can help increase circulation to the face, eliminate excess fluid and relieve and swelling.

How to Get Rid of Bags

  • Use cucumber:

Cucumber has a cooling effect on the eyes. Refrigerate two slice of cucumber for 10-15 mint and then apply them over the eyes. Keep them placed for 30 mint. The soothing effect of cucumber will refresh your eyes and mind.How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

Bags Under Your Eyes

  • Limit alcohol intake:

Alcohol dehydrate your body and skin which causes delicate area around your eyes to appear sunken and dark. Also alcohol can lead to blood shot and tired eyes. Limit your alcohol intake and up your water intake. The skin around your eye glow when your body is well-hydrated.

  • Essentials oil:

As you age, de hydration become common. Due to lack of collagen, moisturizing becomes necessary. Applying fennel, lavender or rosemary essential oils can help lower inflammation and regeneration the skin around the eyes. Be careful not to apply these oils on the eyelid and inside the eyes, gently rub just a little bit around the eyes on the eyes bags and lave it for 20 minutes and then wash out. Applying aloe Vera is another way to get rigid of eyes bags.

Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

  • Tea bags:

Using tea bags soaked in chamomile tea is also a very effective home remedy for eyes bags. It helps in draining out all the excess fluid. Moisten the tea bags and then chill them on refrigerator. Use them later to cover your eye and relax for 15-20 minutes.We used tea bags for How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

  • Milk:

Milk is a great remedy for most of your skin problem. Dips two cotton pads into the milk and chill them for a few minutes, later place these chilled and soaked cotton pads over your eye bags and let them for 30 minutes. Your eyes will feel relaxed. Try these remedy at home and see the difference. Your eyes are beautiful assets yet very sensitive and delicate which require extra care and protection. If you feel any ingredients irritating then stop using that and wash your eyes with cold water.How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes


How to get rid of dark circles under eyes

Homemade Egg mask for hair – Egg for hair

Egg mask for hair and  Egg for Hair

egg mask for hair is one of the surviving traditional hair care. In a world where pollution and artificial hair products are stripping our hair of all the natural oils and proteins, egg mask can prove to be an effective tool to naturally moistures and uplift your hair eggs also prevent hair breakage by conditioning the scalp and increase hair growth too.Here Discuss the best tips and uses Egg for Hair

Egg mask for hair and Egg for Hair

  • Egg mask is one of the oldest hair care rituals of the world.
  • Rich in protein, egg mask naturally strengthen and moistures hair.
  • Egg mask help in hair growth too.
  • How to use egg mask for hair..????

Here I told you How you can use an Egg mask for hair and Egg for Hair For this egg mask in a bowl add 2-3Tbsp egg yolk 4-5 tbsp. aloe Vera heat 1 Tbsp. olive oil for 10 seconds and then mix it. Apply all over your hair, starting from the roots. Leave it only for 30 mins and then rinse with cold water.

Egg, banana and honey mask:

This mighty hair mask will help you prevent possibly all damage hair related problems. While egg will nourish your hair with protein, banana and honey will enhance the natural moisturizing provided by the eggs. Olive oil and milk will give you much-needed strength and shine. For best results apply this masks 2 or 3 times in a week.

Egg mask for hair

  • How to use..???

For the mask, you need to mix 1 egg, 1 mashed banana, 3 tbsp. milk, 3 tbsp. honey and 5 tbsp. olive oil. Mix all the ingredients nicely in a bowl, making sure all the ingredients are blended well. Now apply the mask on your scalp and hairs and leave it for 1 hour, and then rise with your shampoo.

Egg coconut, almond oil mask:

Both almond oil and coconut oil have proteins and have such properties that can induce life in your dry hair.

Egg for Hair

  • How to use???

Take a bowl and mix 3-4 tbsp. almond oil, 3-4 tbsp. egg white, 1-2 tbsps. coconut oil. Mix all the ingredients well and apply it on your hairs and scalp. Do not use conditioner, for best results use the mask 3 times in a week.

Egg and curd oil:

This hair fall is likely to get rigid of hair fall issue. Eggs and curd together not only strengthen weak hairs but curd has properties to prevent hair fall and keep dandruff at bay Bayside is a great conditioner.

Egg and curd oil

  • How to use??

Beat 1 egg and 3-4 tbsp. curd and 1 tbsps. Lemon juice, it will clean the scalp, now gently apply this mask on your hair with the help of brush and let it leave for 1 hour and then wash out with shampoo.Egg mask for hair and Egg for Hair


Coffee Scrub for acne

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes

Amazing Eye Masks to get rid of dark circles under eyes

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes Some beauty related eye trouble includes dark circle, puffiness and swelling around the eyes which are commonly seen even in the student. Dark circle is tough to get rigid of and they tend to make one look stressed, old and tired. It can be caused by lack of sleeping, stress and sun exposure. Here are some homemade remedies which help to get rigid of dark circle.

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes

Coconut eye mask:

Coconut oil is the most effective and beneficial when it comes to removing dark circle. Simply massage a few drop of it under the eyes to get rigid of dark circle. You must have to do it every day to achieve faster results.

Coconut eye mask

Almond eye mask:

Almond oil acts like a hydration for skin. It helps to fade away dark circle and minimize the appearance of crow feet wrinkle. A combination of almond oil along with the honey applied on each night can prevent dark circle and eye bags.

Almond eye mask

Rose water eye mask:

This works best for tired eyes, which tells you How to get rid of dark circles under eyes. A cotton pad drenched in pure rose water when placed upon the eyes for a period of 15 minutes’ induces a smooth effect and relaxes the eyes. It may also reduce puffins.

Rose water eye mask

Milk and baking soda eye mask:

Milk can prove to be a boon for exhausted eyes. In order to prepare it, blend 4 tablespoons of fresh whole milk and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Blend well to achieve a smooth mixture of cream consistency. Place it in a refrigerator and apply it on the eyes. Let it stay for 20-25 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

Milk and baking soda eye mask

Tea bags eye mask:

Tea bags such as green tea, black tea, and various other herbal teas are a great remedy for dark and heavy eyes. Put some used tea bags for 5-10 minutes in the refrigerator. Then dump these bags on eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Tea bags eye mask

Cucumber eye mask:

It is the most commonly used soothing eye mask. Cucumber is well known for its soothing and relaxing. Frequent application of this mask will make your eyes look completely re-energized and fresh. Grate the cucumber and let it chill in a refrigerator for half an hour, then spread it evenly around your eyes .after 30 minutes wash with cold water.

Cucumber eye mask

Pineapple Mask:

Another effective home remedy for eye bags and dark circle can be prepared by using natural skin care ingredients, like turmeric powder and pineapple juice. Mix these ingredients and apply the mask for 30 minutes under your eye every day for two weeks, it is the simple and more beneficial mask.How to get rid of dark circles under eyes

Pineapple Mask

Nivea Creme reviews | Nivea body lotion for dry skin

Nivea Creme Reviews | Nivea body lotion

Nivea Creme reviews and Nivea body lotion It is the world no. 1 cream with over 100 million cars sold each year cream is a skincare classic that provides protect care and deep nourishment for dry skin. Mild formula is suitable for whole the family including kids. All-purpose cream for all skin type, even sensitive skin. It reduces the look and feels of rough dry skin.
Great for body hands, face, elbows, knees, and feet .does not clog pores. This cream is great during the winter months. It is soft thick almost paste texture. Goes on thick, takes a while to massage and absorb about once it does skin is very soft, smooth and moisturized. It is also exclusive for legs and feet .the scent is overpowering but it can get past it wearing on legs and feet but it is too strong for those who are scent sensitive. Nivea cream can also be used on the face. But do so only when your skin is very dry because it is very nourishing cream. This cream is too rich for another skin type. It is greasier and takes longer time absorb. But even if you have dry skin, do not forget to apply an anti-aging serum beforehand. This cream, alone, does nothing to keep wrinkles at bay, so you need extra help if you want to age gracefully. Basically, if you are looking for in a cream moistures properties and a very cheap price, then Nivea cream is hard to beat.

Nivea Creme Reviews | Nivea body lotion


Aqua, paraffin , mineral oil, cero microcrystalline, glycerin , lanolin alcohol, paraffin, pantheon ,dactyl oleat, octyldodecanol ,aluminum stearate, citric acid , magnesium sulfate , citric acid, perfume, limonene, benzyl benzoate, citronellal, hydroxycitronellal.


It comes in the old-fashioned blue tin pot. Nivea cream is seriously moistures cream. Its packaging color is blue which is very attractive. But its structure is not well, difficult to handle.

Ways to use Nivea cream:

1. For dry and cracked heels:
Nivea cream can be applied on dry and cracked heels at night. It will give smooth and silky heels .it helps to remove the clean and give shiny skin.
2. As a lip balm treatment:
if your lips do not respond to regular lip balm for some reason, then you can also use any cold cream for your lips. Nivea cream is also best for applying on the lips to get soft lips and remove roughness. It fixes lips overnight.
3. To remove eyes makeup:

it can be used to remove eyes makeup. Since makeup remover wipes get expensive, they add up and I go through them like crazy. Frugal little self-prefer regular facial wipes dipped in cold cream.

Texture and consistency:

The one thing that everyone agrees on regarding the Nivea cream, is that it is a little too denser. It’s not something that you can use on your face because it is heavy on the skin. But as for your hydration part, it works very well. Nivea Creme reviews and Nivea body lotion

How to Use Honey for Hair | Honey hair mask

How to Use Honey for Hair | Honey hair mask

How to Use Honey for Hair and Honey hair mask In today’s fast pace, in order to be at the top of the ladder, we often ignore our health and wellness. Pollution levels are getting worse, our hairs also need moisture and the right nutrients in order to remain them long, strong and shiny but the dryness and pollutants make it dull and weak, which cause severe hair loss. In fact regular hair blowing and straighten damage your hairs in many ways. Even shampoos are not suitable to regain those lustrous tresses back because most shampoo contains sulfate, which weakens the hair more.

How to Use Honey for Hair | Honey hair mask

So what you should you use??

Natural remedies are most apt for your hair as they infuse natural nutrients needed by the hair and also come with no side effects. Honey, yogurt, and eggs are very useful for healthy and beautiful hairs.Honey does not just suffice that sweet tooth or bloated tummy but also works wonders for your hairs. It retains moisture to give smoothness of hairs. Honey is also rich in anti-oxidant properties. Honey reduces hair breakage, hair loss and keep hair healthy.

How do we use honey on your hair???

Masks is an easy and doable option. You need not invest in shampoo with honey instead you can make the homemade honey mask.Honey hair maskIngredients:

  • 2 tablespoon honey
  • 4 tablespoon yogurt
  • 2 egg
  • Olive oil


How to Use Honey for Hair and Honey hair mask Method Mix honey and yogurt, olive oil and egg well, then use an applicator brush on your hand and massage it well into the scalp and make sure to cover every possible area, even the hair tips. Cover your hair with the towel and leave this mask for about 30 minutes. Then simply just rinse over your hairs. Let your hair air dry, avoid using the blow dryer or any other heated hair styling tool. The egg is rich in protein and vitamin that are essential for hairs. This is the reason the egg is used in the honey mask for the hair. While honey helps in softening and shining the hair.

Yogurt nourishes hair with an essential nutrient that is protein.

Is honey is good for healthy hairs:???

Honey is an emollient which means it seals moisture in hair. Keep it conditioned. This reduces breakage which often reduces the growth of has rich antioxidant properties which prevent damage, keeping your hair and sculpts healthy. Honey also comprises antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. This prevents scalp infections.

Using honey as a hair care ingredient not only boosts hair growth but also stimulates hair regrowth. How to Use Honey for Hair – Honey hair mask

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Homemade Coffee Scrub for acne and cellulite

Homemade Coffee Scrub for acne and cellulite

Homemade Coffee Scrub for acne and cellulite Coffee is the best for the health skin every doctor and skin specialist refer coffee for your skin its make your skin soft and shining coffee help to stimulate the circulation of blood there are too many benefits of coffee here we discuss the coffee features for acne and cellulite

Homemade coffee scrub to remove acne:

It is the summer season, no doubt you have stayed up later and as a consequence suffering the next morning f. for those of us that require an extra wake up kick, a delicious cup of coffee is often needed that day. If you have been making your own brew and then throwing the spent coffee grinds, think again as they can be reused for a DIY coffee scrub .a coffee scrub is a full proof method for removing acne and improving your complexion. Even you do not feel comfortable rubbing your fresh coffee grind onto your face after you have done with breakfast, a refined coffee scrub is readily available. Coffee is rich in anti-oxidant and is a natural astringent meaning it is ultimately anti-inflammatory agent. The properties of coffee scrubs restrict blood vessels, which in turn reduces inflammation and swelling. Those who have non-hereditary dark circles under their eyes will also find these marks are reduced or even disappear once regularly applied. Caffeine draws out excessive moisture from the skin, resulting from skin looks smoother and feel firmer. It also helps to remove wrinkles and fine lines. Coffee scrub gives deep cleansing, smoother, soft and shining skin. It is very useful to use in the morning scrubs that helps to remove oil and acnes.Homemade Coffee Scrub for acne and cellulite

Homemade Coffee Scrub for acne

Homemade Coffee Scrub for acne and cellulite


1/4cup ground coffee.

1/2cup coconut oil.

1/4Tsp of cinnamon or turmeric.


The method of Homemade Coffee Scrub for acne and cellulite Mix all the ingredient in a bowl and massage it into the skin while in the shower, leave it on for few mins and rinse off. Coffee is a gentle exfoliator that leaves your skin soft and smooth. Coconut oil will help reduce bacteria and moisturize your skin for healthy glow while cinnamon and turmeric have anti-microbar properties that can halt the growth of bacteria that causes acne. If you do not have coconut oil then honest best to use instead of this.


To remove the acne with coffee scrub, first of all, wash your face with water and pat dry. It is important you have a clean face to remove any excess oils or dirt that you might have. Once the clean, rub the coffee scrub in small circular motion to help your skin absorb better it. If you have a sensitive skin it should be very gentle during rubbing. After that remove the scrub and rinse off. Homemade Coffee Scrub for acne and cellulite

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