Role of SEO in Online Business and SEO Uses

Role of SEO in Online Business and SEO Uses

Before discuss the importance of SEO firstly we will understand the term “SEO”.

What is SEO and SEO Uses….?

SEO stands for “Search Engines Optimization.”  SEO is actually refers to make website optimized for the different search engines like Google, Yahoo etc… by using the number of techniques. Means to index a website or post on the first page of different search engines.

Most of the peoples have misunderstanding about the SEO in their minds and prefer the advertisement of their business through print, electronic and other kinds of media but they do not know the power of SEO that how it helps in the rapid growth of business.

Today I will try to remove the misconceptions of those peoples by telling them the importance of SEO in business growth.

Now let’s discuss why it has become so important in these days for the online business and Role of SEO in Online Business and SEO Uses  For online business it has become now better than any other social or print media advertisement because everyone if want to buy some products of different kinds will search for it in the Google and related products will show in front of him it directly depends upon the SEO. How? The answer is very simple because the posts that will have the perfect and complete SEO will display at the top of the search engines web page and ultimately user or buyer will go to the top indexed web pages will order for required product. And in this way the business will grow ultimately in just number of days. Also Visit …. [ Lahore Seo Expert ]

SEO (search engine Optimization) is essential because:

  • Majority of the searchers searching in the search engines select or click almost on the top 5 indexed posts means that if you have not your website indexed at #5 you will have no traffic and no customers. For online business you need to be higher as higher possible in search engines.
  • SEO is not just about the business but most visits websites sat in the mind of the visitors make the customers easy to come on websites and buy the products. So in this way they increase the user experience and usability of the website.
  • Top coming websites in search engines develop the customer or searcher trust for a website.
  • SEO is also good for promoting the website socially because the peoples that will find your website in the Google or Yahoo will share it on social media and in this way it will gain more importance in social media marketing.
  • SEO will help you to compete those websites that are selling the same things that you are selling and in this way that website will get more customers that’s SEO is very good in different search engines. So it goes ahead in the competition.
  • It will not allow to stop your business because it does not comes down soon in search engines although if you will do not work, it will help your website to remain at the top in different search engines.“Role of SEO in Online Business and SEO Uses
  • SEO is cost effective. As compare to other advertisement methods e.g. social media marketing, PPC It is cost effective. You can easily afford its cost and event that you can do this yourself by just training for 1 to 2 months.
  • SEO is also good for business visibility and branding because when anyone will search in Google then it will stand your website at the top in search engines. And in this way the user will come to your site and will want to get know how about your business and products if suited then he will also try to buy.
  • SEO brings traffic on your website when you website will at the top of the search engines then the more customers will come to your site and your business will grow rapidly.
  • SEO will provide your website the customers from all around the world but for it SEO of you website should be good in all the countries around the world.
  • SEO increases the odds of getting your site bookmarked those peoples that will find your web at the top of search engines and if they will find there valuable products then they will obviously decide to bookmark your website and come and visit your website again again. It increase your traffic and will lead your Growth rate up.

These above were some reasons that why SEO is very important to grow up the business of all kind. Role of SEO in Online Business and SEO Uses

What is On Page SEO, Off Page SEO…..?

What is On Page SEO, Off Page SEO ?

What  is  SEO.?

What is On Page SEO, Off Page SEO?.Search engine optimization is the term used to describe a set of process that aim in optimization for search engines , and search engine is not only for getting highly quality visitor on the website but also credibility of website and also expand our network the more people knows about him and also getting the lot of knowledge.What is SEO

Major component of SEO What is SEO:

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

ON page SEO:

On page SEO in most important component of the SEO it is used not only better ranking of our website but it may also use in the internet marketing .On page SEO make your site optimize both user and search engine and prove your site successful for you and other if your website are not optimize then no one is known about  your business and success chance of us is minimized

on page seo

There are many ON page SEO tips which make your website optimized

  • Proper URLs structure
  • Optimized Links
  • We want to used proper image content
  • Fast loading page
  • Always used the fresh and unique content
  • Proper title are used
  • Meta descriptions
  • Keyword density

Off page SEO:

It is most important to improve the position of your website in search engine result page (SERPs)

We may also say that the off page SEO is the promotion method for your website and optimized in search engine beyond the website design result.

What is On Page, Off Page SEO? SEO In Detail. Off page SEO are the outside the boundary of your website and it is include the social media, and it communicate with other websites like and and other sites which are mostly used in this world.What is SEO

off page seo

Importance of off page SEO:

  • Off page SEO is more important then ON page seo
  • Increase ranking
  • Get more visitor on your site
  • Increase pagerank
  • It’s important for owners

Off page SEO tips:

  •     Social networking websites

What is On Page, Off Page SEO? SEO In Detail.  In social networking websites like,twitter, in these side we share our content share our post and change the picture and user see that this is useful for us and want to click on this content and then views our site it is the most important and best way to sharing the content so we want to share that type of link which most people want to see and we prefer the people need then we get the more and more traffic in our site .

  •    Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another one of the most way to promotion our website and get the more and more visitor on our site

If we place some funny and that type of content which most of the people want to see and save in bookmarking and we also placed that type of content which also google search engine like and that type of site which content update frequently google search engine like that type of sites and want to promote i.e news website , Digg etc.

  •  Photo sharing

If you add some photo on your content and then share it on the flicker, picasa  and the other people are share these photo and want to comment and also share it so we may also get the more and more visitor on your sit

  •  Video sharing

Same like the photo sharing if we also add some video which most people are liked and want to watch then also share other people then we also get the more and more traffic on our site and promote our site also by making the video channel in the

  •  Social shopping network

If you are want to made E-commerce type website and want to promote her site then we also sale our product on the MSN, yahoo online product and other sites helped us to sailing our product

  •  Blogging

Blogging is the best way to promote the website we write the blog about our site and say the visitor to keep returning your site

Blog also help us search engine   crawl on your site and also increase the ranking of your site

Blog may also help us on increasing the ranking the page of search engine (SERPs).

  •  Business reviews

Business reviews mean we say about the different useful business to people on his article and most of the people want to get the tips for good business so we get the more and more traffic on her site

  •  Yahoo answering

In off page SEO yahoo answering is an important factor if we place her link on the yahoo question , answering then we also get the more and more traffic on the website people question in yahoo answering  we place her link and say the people we gave the perfect and right answer on your question.

These above is some discussion about What is On Page SEO, Off Page SEO? . I hope you will like this and waiting your comments…

How To Create Youtube Channel – Make money off youtube

How To Create Youtube Channel – make money off youtube


How To Create Youtube Channel – make money off youtube There are many ways of earning money through the internet and we earn a lot of money through internet and it is said that internet marketing.

There are many methods of earning money but now we discuss that how we earn money through

Why we make channel..??

Some people made YouTube channel to share their photos, videos and make the fun b/w the people now a day everyone uses internet about 70% people are using the internet just for the entertainment and other people use to get the solution of their problem and many students use the internet  to learn help through the internet is the main entertainment website on the internet world and it gave a lot of entertainment of the people so we are made channel by getting with touch in the people and share our ideas , info through this site some people are just making the fun in YouTube and more and more people are watched and if he liked then they shared to the other so thousands of people are watched this, views and like and many people are selling her goods through this website advertisement and they paid a lot of to the YouTube and after this YouTube  gave this money to us .How To Create Youtube Channel in 6 steps – Youtube Channel

There are many types of channel which we can make in YouTube 

  • Learning forums
  • Funny videos channel
  • Entertainment videos channel
  • Share his best ideas through videos
  • Earning money channel
  • Recipe channel
  • Getting jobs channel
  • Interview’s question channel

Here is: How To Create Youtube Channel – make money off youtube

1st step how build channel:

If we want to earn money through then we want to make him the part of this biggest video website in this world we are making this site on top then the YouTube  gave him money through the Google advertisement:

In this step we 1st open her browser and then enter the in URLs we will appear the page i.e. it is shown in down and then we click it on sing in that is the right corner of this page.

We are just following the arrow sing and click on the required option

How To Create Youtube Channel

2nd step creating the channel:

After clicking on the sign in we are direct going to the Google account and if you have already Google account (Gmail) then just enter the username & password if we are not a Google account then click on the create an account

3rd step creating the channel:

After sing in the Google account, we are back in the YouTube and we are shown the profile picture at that place where we see the sign in

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4th step of creating the channel:

In this step, we area just click the setting of our profile that is shown in the YouTube and we are going to dashboard of the YouTube and after this, we upload our video and another process

5th step of creating the channel:

In this step, we just show the setting page and also the dashboard and we set our dashboard as the user side and user views.

After the setting, we just click the upload button and then we are page shown to upload our videos, ideas, and other videos content….

6th step creating the channel:

In this step, we just drag or browse our video and then publish and we also allow the setting or editing of our video before publishing

How to make money off youtube Channel..?? 

We earn through the YouTube through the Google AdSense in this Google allow him we apply the ads on our videos and when anyone click on this adds it gives the money and the Google also see that how many subscribers in our channel and what type of video content in our channel so we earn a money through the YouTube. How To Create Youtube Channel – make money off youtube

How To Send Photos & Videos on Facebook Messenger

How To Send Photos & Videos on Facebook Messenger

How To Send Photos & Videos on Facebook Messenger. Hi, Guys everyone nowadays using face book on mobile.Face book developers developed an application that synchronizes the contacts from the Facebook And lists them in a display.

How To Send Photos & Videos on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger provides the facility to send text messages, files , photos, videos and emotions to Facebook friends. Here I will tell you that How To Send Photos & Videos on Facebook Messenger. You can tap on the built-in camera to take quick picture and video and the click on click button to send. You can also send photos and videos already exist in the mobile by tapping the camera roll button. Non technical users follow these steps :

1st Step :

Open the conversation with that friend to which you want to send photo or video. Click on the camera roll to sent the already existing photos. or click on the built-in camera to take photo or take snapshot or to record video quickly and press send button to send the photo r video. All icons exist in conversation screen. How To Send Photos & Videos on Facebook Messenger

2nd Step :

Click the camera button to take picture or record video. Camera will be switched on and you will be able to take your Pictures and videos. Now click left corner button to switch the camera on rear or front.

3rd Step :

Tap the shutter sound button to take photos and the press send button to send the photo  or video.

4th Step :

Press and hold the shutter sound button to record a video and then press send button to send this video to the selected friend. You can also cancel the recorded video by releasing the button or by dragging it off.

5th Step :

tap or click the “Gallery” button to send the photos and videos already stored in your device that you have taken with your cell phone camera. You can send both videos and photos through this gallery button.

6th Step :

Click or tap the photo or video to send to friend. 2 buttons will appear on the photo or video.

7th Step :

Click the ”Pencil” button to draw on the photo or to trim the video. When you select a video and click the Pencil button you will be able to trim this selected video or if you select a photo and click on the Pencil button you will be able to draw on Photo and add texts to Photo.

8th Step :

Once you are satisfied and want to send the photo or video Just tap or click the Send button to Send the selected photo or video.How To Send Photos & Videos on Facebook Messenger

  • Note that : Large size videos and photos take too much long to send. So if the size of video or photo is large then you must have connected to the wireless network or you must have high speed internet connection…