Classification of Computer or types of Computers

The goal of this lecture is to learn to classify the computer according to their size, capabilities and targeted applications.  Also to find out the essential building blocks that makes up a modern computer.”

Here we will also discuss the Classification of Computer or types of Computers essential common components of all the categories. classification of computer  types of computer

The following are some categories of the computer:

  1. Super Computers:

In Classification of Computer or types of Computers Super Computer is an important factor They are just built by using the previous available better technology. Super computers are used to do special tasks like weather prediction, for military purposes, for air traffic controls. Super computers are very fast e.g. it can perform millions of the operations per second. But now modern computers can perform trillions of the operations per second.

It consists of

Processor:  8192 Micro processors

Memory:   6 Trillion bytes

Storage:   160 trillion bytes

Price:  About 10 millions of dollars

  1. Mainframe computers or Enterprise Servers:

Processor:  Multiple processors not thousands

Memory:  In Gigabytes

Storage:   Trillion bytes

Price:    1 Millions of dollars

  1. Mini Computers:
  • Low-cost computer
  • Automation Is Vexation
  • Slow instruction execution time and cycle time
  • Greater programming difficulty


Processor: may be of 2, 3, or 4 processors

Memory:  In Gigabytes

Storage:  Trillions of bytes

Price:   few thousand dollars

  1. Desktop or Microcomputers:

Processor:  may be of 1 or 2 processors

Memory:  In Megabytes

Storage:   In Gigabytes

Price:   $1000

  1. Mobile Computers:

Mobile Computer is Best types of Computer Mobile computer has three sub categories.

  1. Laptop Computers

Processor: less number of microprocessors

Memory:   256 Megabytes

Storage:   40 Gigabytes

Price:  expansive than PC

  1. Palmtops

Processor:  less number of microprocessors

Memory: In Megabytes

Storage: In Megabytes

Price:  $200 to $700

  1. Wearable

Processor:   Less number of processors

Memory: In Megabytes

Storage: In Megabytes

Price: $200 to $400

“Classification of Computer or types of Computers”

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Common things in all the computers:

  • Hardware’s: The physical parts of a computer to which we can see and touch. E.g. Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers etc…
  • Software’s: Ordered set of instructions to solve a specific problem.

Note: Both the hardware and software are necessary in computing without either of them computers can’t do anything just computers are nothing but with software’s and hardware’s.Classification of Computer or types of Computers

  1. Input Subsystem: Through this component we just tell the computer about what to do? We just input the computer through this component.
  2. Processor: When we input the computer, this input goes into the processor; the processor just processes the information coming from the input medium.
  3. Memory: In this component of the computer something is stored temporarily during calculations.
  4. Storage: In this component something is stored permanently that is not used immediately but in future it is used.
  5. Output: Through this component computer communicates with us and through input component we communicate with the computer.
  6. The BUS: the most important component of the computer is the Bus because the through the bus all the above 5 components communicate with each other.

There are two types of Bus:

  1. System Bus: through system bus computer communicates with the input, output and the other hardware devices.
  2. Memory Bus: Through memory bus system communicates with the memory.

What is Port?

It is connection point that is used to connect the input and output devices to the computer.

The following are some types of ports:

  1. Parallel
  2. Serial
  3. SCSI
  4. USB
  5. Fire wire

What is processor?

It is main engine of the computer that mostly does everything. The following are some types of processors that are most commonly used:

  1. Pentium
  2. PC’s
  3. Celeron
  4. Athlon
  5. PowerPC
  6. Strong arm: microprocessor for PDA’s
  7. Spark: Special purpose Microprocessor for Workstations
  8. Crusoe: This microprocessor is used in laptops and use very low power.

What is Memory?

There are many types of memory:

  1. RAM: It is a volatile memory that is used during processing of the data. When the data is processed which data is necessary to perform processing is temporarily stored in this memory. It is an electronic form of memory.
  2. Punch card
  3. ROM
  4. Hard Disk
  5. Floppy Disk
  6. Tape
  7. CD
  8. DVD

What are the Output Devices?

  1. Printer
  2. Plotter
  3. Speakers
  4. Monitor

The devices which works as both input and out are:

  1. Modem
  2. Network Cards
  3. Touch screens

Classification of Computer or types of Computers


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