How to Develop and Upload your Web Page?

After this lecture, you will be able to develop your own web page and will be able to upload your web page.

We will discuss a developed web page and learn how it is developed. Let’s start

First of all, we will discuss a cod written in the Html language. Html is hypertext markup language that is used to develop web pages or user interfaces. It works in the tags. For example, if we want bold some text we will use the following tag <b>Text</b>. In this expression <b> is starting tag and </b> is the end tag. Now a day the latest version of Html is available that is HTML5 it has many new features.

To design the web page we use CSS (cascading style sheets) language and for effects and animations, we use JavaScript and jquery.

You have to follow the following steps to develop the web page.

Step 1: Open the Notepad.

Step 2: write the following code:




Title goes here which will be display at the top left corner of the web page.




Page body goes here

<H1>Shahzaib Akbar</H1>

<p>I am Mr. Shahzaib Akbar graduated in software engineering from GCUF</p>

<a href:”“>Google</a>



Step 3: save this notepad page on the desktop of the computer with extension .html

Step 4: Open this page in the browser. You will see you browsers window like below.

Note:  Note that HTML, title, head, and body tags are essential for developing a web page. This language is not case sensitive.

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