Summer heat safety tips

Summer heat safety tips The weather has a great impact on human’s tone. Every Person has to do something to keep protect himself from ups and downs of weather. Here are some Household Tricks To Avoid From Heat in Summer days. Every person wants to protect himself from heat but he can not afford the too expensive ways. If he wants to get cooling and want to fit A.C in his home then it proves very costly. He has to pay heavy bills in return. So I am here to Serve you that how can you protect yourself from heat. Household Tricks To Avoid From Summer Heat and Summer heat safety tips

Summer heat safety tips

The easy and cheapest Household tricks to avoid from heat are:

  • Summer heat safety tips In the summer hot days, Every person want to sit the whole day before A.C but he has to think also about the heavy bills of power. So the first easy way to avoid heat is that our older’s say that in the hot summer days temperature of the whole body remains normal if you put cooled water on your feet’s. You can also keep lotion and tubes the freezer and when you come to your home after working the whole day then you can use tubes on your feets. By using this trick you can keep your body temperature normal. Household Tricks To Avoid From Heat in Summer.
  • Keep a plastic bottle of water in the freezer. And when you go out from the house then take this bottle with yours. When the ice melt then you have cool water to drink.
  •  Avoid tobacco, smoking, and tea. It increases the internal temperature of your body.
  • Avoid eating too hot food. Eat normal food after little intervals.Summer heat safety tips
  • If you have no A.C in your home then go to cool theater, mall or any other cool place.
  • Avoid to go out in the sunshine, Try to complete your work early in the morning of after the sun sets.
  • Keep Rechargeable fan with yourself so that you can take cool air when the light switched off.
  • Take bath 3 to 5 times a day and try to dry your body by sitting under fan instead to dry the body with the towel.
  • Keep a water spray in the freezer. When you feel hotness then spray on your face or head.
  • Eat fruits like Banana, Strawberry, watermelon, blueberry, Try to drink shakes of banana, and use milk products. It will be very helpful to reduce the hotness of your body. Water present in these fruits keeps your body hydrated. These Foods provide your body electrolytes that restore your energy.
  • Eat daily green vegetables like Aubergine, Cucumber, tomatoes as foods. These vegetables can also fulfill your foodie needs.
  •  Coconut water and juices are to those drinks that are easily available everywhere in the summer and are also very tasty. Use these drinks a lot.
  • Use Onion’s water on the chest or on the backs of your ears. It will help you to reduce your temperature and also use onion in large quantity in your daily diet.
  •   Mix some sugar in water of Coriander and Pudina and keep it in the freezer and when you feel hotness then drink this sugar and pudina water. Its Efficacy is cool.

The above are some Household Tricks To Avoid From Heat in Summer hot days. So follow these tricks and enjoy the summer…. Summer heat safety tips

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