How To Impress a Girl in College and University

In this modern world, Each and every person want to have a girlfriend and for this he tries different ways that how to impress a girl in college or to attract a girl but he fails in this mission. Why??? The reason is that they are inexperienced and follow wrong ways to do this. Here I will teach you to impress a girl properly and step by step. Let’s start…

1) Personality to Impress :

  • Good look does not mean that you are looking impressive. With the good look you also must follow the following steps to look impressive.
  • Take bath daily to look and feel fresh and wear neat and clean clothes
  • Keep your mouth clean for that Brush twice a day and breathe fresh air
  • Manage your facial hairs means that shave daily and if you don’t shave daily and want to have a little beard then manage the hairs of beard and cut them at the same level.
  • Use body spray and perfume for smell to impress the girl and use that flavor that is very close to that girl which you want to impress.
  • Change your life style according to the requirement of the girl or follow that life style that the girls really want to have in her boyfriends.

How To Impress a Girl in College..?

2) Good character & Polite Behavior :

Keep Good character polite behavior does not mean you are very boring but It means that how does you behave with other peoples before that girl or in the absence of that girl. Good manners that you have to follow to get attraction of that girl.

  • Use the English words that show that you are very polite and have a good way to talk with any one e.g. “Please”, “Thanks”, “accuse me”, “As you wish”, “you are welcome” etc.
  • Don’t say any rude thing before that girl in crowed or in the company or before the peoples.
  • Don’t talk about any other girl before that girl to do her jealous. If you do this then you are losing your trust in her. So avoid this kind of habits.
  • Don’t insult her before other girls or in the peoples and don’t talk carelessly so please think before you speak before her.How To Impress a Girl in University

Don’t make her dirty jokes before her friends and before your friend. Girls don’t like it that to become jokes before her friends and before your friends. So avoid this. in this way how to impress a girl in college and How to impress a Girl in University

3) Spend more time to improve yourself:

  • Spend more time to improve yourself means that make you according to the feelings of that girl. Look well, hair style, wear clean clothes, and what do you really want to have before her. So it is the most important thing that you must follow and look as full confident before him.
  • Change your hobbies and interests as your girlfriend really likes and also do something that your girlfriend like and enjoy that.
  • Control yourself and manage yourself means that your time scheduling, efforts and in all matters you feel yourself to be controlled .How to impress a Girl in University

So Guys and dear visitors if you follow above steps to make your girlfriend impressive then you will become a successful and trusted boyfriend. above is the best way that how to impress a girl in college and How to impress a Girl in University

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