List of Historical Places in Lahore – Lahore visiting places Top Beautiful and historical places in Lahore that are able to watch are here. Here is also the detail and description of the top List of historical places in Lahore.

List of Historical Places in Lahore – Lahore visiting places

1)Safari Park Lahore

  • Woodland Wildlife Park established in 1982 over 242 Acres and is in the List of Historical Places in Lahore.
  • It was forwarded to the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department(PWPD) in 1998 by the Forest Department.
  • The largest walkthrough of Pakistan was constructed and opened to the Public visitors in 2004.
  • Near a Lake, Boating and Fishing Facilities were also built in the Woodland Wildlife Park in 2004.
  • The Government of Pakistan spends 87 Million Pakistani Rupees to reconstruct the (2 kilometers) Road Leading to the Park In 2006.
  • A ticket system was introduced in Park and so that Lahore Zoo Safari become a self-financed organization.
  • On January 21, 2009, Park was renamed Lahore Zoo Safari.
  • And Now Lahore Zoo Safari Park is considered to be an extension of Lahore Zoo. Lahore visiting places

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Historical Places in Lahore

2)Minar e Pakistan

  • Minar e Pakistan is a most Famous and Historical Place of Lahore.
  • It is located in the Iqbal Park Lahore.
  • Basically, it is the Symbol of the Freedom For the Pakistani Nation.
  • Most of the Tourists and Visitors just come to Lahore to See Minar-e-Pakistan and enjoy a lot there.
  • Minar-e-Pakistan was constructed during the 1960’s.
  • The Total height of Minar-e-Pakistan is 92 Meters.
  • There is the beautiful view around the Minar-e-Pakistan and provide the eye Catching view to the Tourists.

Historical Places in Lahore

3)Badshahi Mosque

  • Badshahi Mosque is also one of the important historical places in the Lahore.
  • Construction of the Mosque began in 1671 in under the direction of Muzaffer Hussain, Aurangzeb’s Brother in Law and the Governor of the Lahore.
  • Badshahi Masjid is the 2nd largest mosque in the Pakistan.
  • And It is 5th largest mosque of the World.
  • The government of the Pakistan includes the mosque in the world heritage site by Unesco in 1993.

Historical Places in Lahore

4)Shahi Qila/Lahore Fort

  • Lahore Fort is situated in a northwest corner of the Lahore City.
  • It is also a very beautiful and historical place in the Lahore.
  • Mughal Badshah Akbar laid the Foundation of this Lahore Fort.
  • Lahore Fort has two gates one is named as Maserati gate and another one is named as Alamgiri Gate.
  • Overall It provides the amazing view and attracts the Tourists.

Historical Places in Lahore

5)Lahore Zoo

  • Lahore Zoo is very largest and biggest zoo of the South Asia and established in 1872.
  • There are different kinds of animals present there in the zoo.
  • Wildlife department of Pakistan is very careful about this zoo.
  • Animals entertain the visitors and tourists in different ways.
  • It is consisted of about 25 acres.
  • And now it facilitates the tourists with many other entertainments.

lahore visiting places

6)Lahore Museum

  • Lahore Museum is another historical place located at Mall Road Lahore.
  • Lahore Museum is the biggest museum of the Pakistan.
  • All kind of heritage items is being kept in this museum.
  • Old Heritage items like weapons, textiles, People’s, Pictures and Jewelry etc. are being kept in this Museum. Also, […Cake Delivery in Lahore…]
  • Most of the Student visit this museum and increase their information about the old ages.

7)Sozo Water Park

  • Sozo water park is very famous solo park of Pakistan.
  • It is located on the canal bank near Jallo Park.
  • Thousands of the peoples come to the Sozo yearly and it provides the extra facilities to the peoples.
  • No doubt there are a lot of beautiful places and Parks in Lahore but the Sozo Water Park is the most beautiful Place among all.
  • It is an incredible carnival for guests around the nation and for local people living in the Lahore.

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9)Race Course Park

  • Jilani Park Formerly known as Race Course Park is located in the city Lahore in front of the Famous Services Hospital Lahore.
  • It is very famous Park of the Lahore due to its exhibitions and artificial Waterfall.
  • Annual Horse Racing Competitions are held in this Park.
  • Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s legislature requested that the club moves its races far from the Jail Road course in 1976, yet it stayed there until 1980 when it was constrained to take off.
  • Race Course Park was introduced by Lt General Ghulam Jilani Khan around then Governor Punjab on third October 1985.
  • It is located at Jail Road Lahore Pakistan.

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  • Joyland is also a famous Park of Lahore and It is an amusement Park of Lahore.
  • It was established in 1977. And it is one of the largest recreation of the Parks in Lahore city.
  • It consists of the area about 6 Acres.
  • Different kinds of amusement activities are here to entertain the visitors.

lahore visiting places

11)Heera Mandi Lahore

  • Heera Mandi is basically the Mughal era and is in the List of Historical Places in Lahore and Lahore visiting places.
  • It is Famous for its move called Mujra which is the established branch of the move in South Asia.
  • The neighborhood group says this as a Heera Mandi because of the excellent excellence of the young ladies in this business sector.
  • The Maharaja Ranjit Singh named it as a Heera Mandi to pay the tribute of one of his pastors Called Heera Singh.

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12)Fakir Khana Lahore Art Gallery

  • It is the private museum of the Fakir Family and transfers to the generation to generation.
  • It is the Private Museum of the Lahore and The largest of the South Asia.
  • It provides a lot of information about the Punjab Heritage and Traditions to the visitors.
  • It is a hidden treasure of the Art.
  • And Now this museum provides the online information about the heritage and traditions of the Punjab.

lahore visiting places

13)Anarkali Bazar

  • Anarkali is the very famous bazaar of Lahore and is in the List of Historical Places in Lahore. It is the very busiest bazaar in Lahore.
  • All Kind of Shopping can be done from this Bazaar.
  • It is the oldest bazaar of the South Asia.
  • It was named after the slave girl of Emperor Akbar Who loves to the Emperor son Saleem.
  • Anarkali was buried alive as a punishment by Emperor Akbar.
  • Anarkali is a center of Garments, Jewelry, textiles, and lot of other items.Lahore visiting places

lahore visiting places

14)Sheesh Mehal

  • Sheesh, Mahal Lahore is another expert specialty of the Mughal period and is situated inside the Shah Burj block in the northwestern corner of the Lahore Fortress.
  • The quality mirror work is the beautiful & amazing thing to watch.
  • It was developed amid the time of Shah Jahan and was worked by the celebrated engineer of the Mughals.
  • In 1981 it was included in Unesco World Heritage.List of Historical Places in Lahore

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15)Shalimar Garden Lahore

  • Shalimar Garden Lahore is another artful culmination of the Mughal Architecture.
  • The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan has built in 1641 AD.
  • Shalimar Garden is situated close baghbanpura.
  • It’s delightful Mughal Work pulls in the traveler towards this illustrious greenhouse.

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16)Tomb of Jahangir Lahore

  • Lahore is loaded with lovely and memorable spots.
  • Among these spots Tomb of Jahangir Lahore is an eye getting place.
  • It was worked for the Mughal Empire Jahangir.
  • His child Shah Jahan fabricated the catacomb after the ten years of his dad’s passing.
  • The Tomb contains four 30 meters high Minarets.Lahore visiting places

lahore visiting places

17)Wagah Border Lahore

  • Wagah Border is the main street that joins the two major nations Pakistan and India.
  • It is situated at Grand Trunk Street.
  • Wagah Border is fundamentally a town which was being separated on the parcel of India and Pakistan.
  • It is prominent going to put in Lahore.
  • It is popular for its function which happens every day and night.
  • The function begins with the parade of warriors and end when both Indian and Pakistani banners are being brought down and both the armed force people groups shake their hands. Also, […mini treats Lahore..]
  • This is a reason that everybody needs to visit Wagah Border at any rate subsequent to in an existence.List of Historical Places in Lahore – Lahore visiting places

lahore visiting places

These above are the List of Historical Places in Lahore – Lahore visiting places.

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