What is face book?

How make money on facebook.

Facebook is a corporation and online social networking service.

Facebook is a biggest network of the social media it gave the lot of entertainment and also allows to share their ideas about the study and other types of the info. Through face book you get a lot of advertisement because million of people are online at a time.

We may say that everything is possible through the face book here we are tell you How make money on facebook

Founded:4, February  2004, Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, United States

CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

Founders:Dustin Moskovitz ,Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes

How make money on facebook:

Most of the people think that FB is just a social networking website and you can use it only for entertainment or time pass, but only FEW people know that you can use Face book as a cash cow. But it’s possible only when you’ve a perfect strategy and a complete step by step blueprint. Face book has more than 600 million users today and it’s a huge market. If you learn how to monetize this market then you’ll start making money in no time.How make money on facebook

Face book is the successful method of earning a lot of money Facebook  is a social media website in this website thousands  of people are login and logout and use this website so you are earn a lot of money through this website you share their ideas through this social media website and tell the people about himself and people are know about you and you are also advertisement on the face book you know that thousands of people are online and if you share that the people are see your add and also like it if people are liked then many people are shared it so your add are seen by the whole world.

  • You are your own boss
  • You can start your work without any investment
  • You can earn a lot of money with the spending a short time
  • You are not go to any office it allow the worker at home.
  • Thousands of people are working in this network so you can get easily help if you faced any problem.
  • No technical skills are required for this work
  • It is a simply a click work you just like the face book page and earn money

In first you open the fanslave page and create an account to this website after the creation of an account login this website


In this you create an account there are many field and fill this field Email address are gave that which are in use and after the register an confermation link are send to your Email you click the register after the fill of  all the field then go to Email and confirm your account after confirm login into Fansalve.



In this you are login and open your account at Fansalve and now you selected the catagery in this article we are learn earn money through face book so you select the face book at the right side you are shown the currency in which your amount are send and you click the shop and in this lot of face book fan page are shown you just like this page and check your account after this  you open the next face book fan page and click it it will open in the next  browser and you like it and just close the tab How make money on facebook.

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