Nivea Creme Reviews | Nivea body lotion

Nivea Creme reviews and Nivea body lotion It is the world no. 1 cream with over 100 million cars sold each year cream is a skincare classic that provides protect care and deep nourishment for dry skin. Mild formula is suitable for whole the family including kids. All-purpose cream for all skin type, even sensitive skin. It reduces the look and feels of rough dry skin.
Great for body hands, face, elbows, knees, and feet .does not clog pores. This cream is great during the winter months. It is soft thick almost paste texture. Goes on thick, takes a while to massage and absorb about once it does skin is very soft, smooth and moisturized. It is also exclusive for legs and feet .the scent is overpowering but it can get past it wearing on legs and feet but it is too strong for those who are scent sensitive. Nivea cream can also be used on the face. But do so only when your skin is very dry because it is very nourishing cream. This cream is too rich for another skin type. It is greasier and takes longer time absorb. But even if you have dry skin, do not forget to apply an anti-aging serum beforehand. This cream, alone, does nothing to keep wrinkles at bay, so you need extra help if you want to age gracefully. Basically, if you are looking for in a cream moistures properties and a very cheap price, then Nivea cream is hard to beat.

Nivea Creme Reviews | Nivea body lotion


Aqua, paraffin , mineral oil, cero microcrystalline, glycerin , lanolin alcohol, paraffin, pantheon ,dactyl oleat, octyldodecanol ,aluminum stearate, citric acid , magnesium sulfate , citric acid, perfume, limonene, benzyl benzoate, citronellal, hydroxycitronellal.


It comes in the old-fashioned blue tin pot. Nivea cream is seriously moistures cream. Its packaging color is blue which is very attractive. But its structure is not well, difficult to handle.

Ways to use Nivea cream:

1. For dry and cracked heels:
Nivea cream can be applied on dry and cracked heels at night. It will give smooth and silky heels .it helps to remove the clean and give shiny skin.
2. As a lip balm treatment:
if your lips do not respond to regular lip balm for some reason, then you can also use any cold cream for your lips. Nivea cream is also best for applying on the lips to get soft lips and remove roughness. It fixes lips overnight.
3. To remove eyes makeup:

it can be used to remove eyes makeup. Since makeup remover wipes get expensive, they add up and I go through them like crazy. Frugal little self-prefer regular facial wipes dipped in cold cream.

Texture and consistency:

The one thing that everyone agrees on regarding the Nivea cream, is that it is a little too denser. It’s not something that you can use on your face because it is heavy on the skin. But as for your hydration part, it works very well. Nivea Creme reviews and Nivea body lotion

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