Pakistan Defense Day 6 September 2017 – 1965 War

Pakistan Defense Day 6 September 2017 – 1965 War

Here I Discussed in Brief on Pakistan Defense Day 6 September 2017 or 1965 War. Pakistan defense day is celebrated on 6 Sep. every year. Pakistan defense day is celebrated in the memory of martyred peoples who sacrifice their lives in the war between Pakistan and India. In 1965 war is fought between India and Pakistan and it was ended on 6 September and both of the countries stopped the war and damaging each other therefore Pakistani peoples celebrate this day each year in the memory martyred peoples in this 1965 war. It is the basic reason of that why it is called as Islamic Republic of Pakistan defense day. This 1965 Indo Pak war badly affected both countries in economically and financially. As Pakistan less affected and remain safe during this war therefore 6 September is celebrated as defense day of Pakistan. Now at  6 September 2017, we are all so encouraged about this day and ready to beat everything

Different military departments attribute their desires to the martyrs of 1965 war. Pakistan air aviation shows their skills and power by doing air show at Rawalpindi artillery center. Pakistan naval force and army also attribute to the martyrs according to their ways.

Here I will discuss this topic briefly that why Pakistan and Indian fought this war and how it has been ended.

History of Pak-India 6 September 1965 War :

When we try to understand the reason behind the Pak Indo war we see that the main reason behind this war was Kashmir issue that is remained unsolved even after a big Pak Indo war 6 September 1965 and till now it is the root cause of Pakistan and India relations. Pakistan has fought 3 or 4 big wars due to this issue. Pakistan relationships with India cannot go to a better situation until this big did not resolve. Both countries are looking forward to United Nations and it should resolve this issue by keeping in front demands of both countries. Both countries are working for their defense and consuming a big part of a budget for this purpose.

Many Indian leaders and army mans had thought that we will occupy Pakistan from all around in the night and will take a breakfast in the Lahore. They entered into the Pakistan according to the prepared planned at night from Lahore sector but unfortunately, they could not even cross the Canal Bridge and Pakistan army Youngers defeat Indian army at the BRB Canal Bridge near a border. When Indian army saw his defeat in Lahore, Indian attacked Pakistan from the Sialkot sector with a huge number of tanks. Historians say that it was a second big tanks war after the World War 2 that Pakistan won. Pakistan army mans destroyed Hundreds of enemy tanks by sacrificing their lives. The nation of Pakistan also support army by acclimating that we are with you all the time to save the Pakistan, it is the time to save Muslims and it is the time to donate blood for the Protection and for the defense of Pakistani peoples and Muslims. That was a great victory for Pakistan, Pakistani peoples, and Pakistan Army. Some Pakistani peoples and army commanders martyred in this war and in the memory of those martyred this day 6th of September is celebrated as Defense day of Pakistan. At this time 6 September 2017 which is the very special day for all Pakistani and all remember the Sacrifices of our soldier at 6 September 1965

6 September 2017

At 6 September 2017 is very important day for all Pakistani we are all so much happy to live in Pakistan and Pakistan army is No.1  Solider over the whole world At 6 September 2017 every Pakistani celebrate the different event and list the speech and refresh the memories related to the 6 September 1965 War so we are all happy on 6 September 2017 and so Proud of Pakistani Army

A brief discussion on the Kashmir Issue:

If we see the Kashmir and peoples living in the Kashmir then a thing that comes in front that is the most of the peoples living in Kashmir want to be a part of Pakistan or they want independence where they could live their lives according to the teachings of Islam and according to their desires. As if we analyze the Kashmir as geographically, religiously and also culturally then this point is being cleared that Kashmir is a part of Pakistan in blood, relation, in religious, in culture and also geographically. The border of Kashmir is 4 or 5 times longer with Pakistan than India and India also treats badly to Kashmiri peoples who say for independence and recently they killed a number of Kashmiri Muslims including children’s, youngers and women by guns by inhumanity, therefore, it well suits to be a part of Pakistan and not India. UN should resolve this issue as the Kashmiri nation and people want and according to the democracy rules.

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