5 Best way to lose weight Fast without Dieting

5 Best way to lose weight Fast without dieting 

5 Best way to lose weight Fast without Dieting. Many women are bothering about dieting and ask about how can lose weight without dieting because it is very long time process and we just want to lose weight in maximum a month and they are searching the best way to lose weight fast. They also say that the way of losing weight should be the easy and fast. Here I will write tips of losing weight for those women that want to lose weight naturally, fast, and without dieting. So try to follow the given following tips and lose weight up to 5 pounds in a week. Best way to lose weight Fast

  • Drink Green Tea

Best way to lose weight Fast

Recently, researchers found that green tea have metabolism enhancing antioxidants that are known as Catchiness. Researchers found that those peoples who drink green tea burn 70 more calories additional in 24 hours. And those 70 calories add up to a 7.5 pounds of Fat in a year. It is not a magic but reality. So, Drink green tea about one time a day. It is also beneficial for skin. And solve the skin related issues.  Best way to lose weight Fast

  • Avoid Calories in A Glass

Best way to lose weight Fast

Now recently Scientists found that Human body does not take liquid calories same as compared to the solid calories. For example: If you drink cafe mocha, at the instance, you will not feel satisfied but if you eat a bowl of Pasta you will feel satisfied. Which means that, although the café mocha has greater number of calories but after a glass you will want to drink 1 more glass. So monitor your intake of soda, juice and wine. If you use one of that in a whole day you will find that you have consumed 800 calories at the night time and you will still be hungry. So avoid it. Best way to lose weight Fast

  • Start Lifting (By a Set of 5 Pound Weights)

Best way to lose weight Fast

It is a onetime investment and you will never upset. Strength training builds your lean muscle tissue that burns more calories. You can try these, 24 hours a day, at work or at rest. The more lean muscle tissues you have, the more calories you will burn. You may also join Jim for this purpose. How to start training? Yes, try some push-ups and some squats or lunges. Try some biceps and triceps where you have free weight. Try this exercise twice or thrice a day and you will feel a huge difference and raid improvement in your weight after doing few days.

  • Lose the Salt

Best way to lose weight Fast

Sodium contributes to water and making you feel and look bloated. You will intake Sodium a teaspoon in a day. Some people eat twice or thrice than a teaspoon in a day and keep an eye on daily intake of salt, it does not mean that ditching the saltshaker, Hidden sources are also included like soups, can foods, drinks, finger chips, pretzels and many prepackaged foods. So, try to lose the salt in your daily usage.

  • Go To An Evening Walk

Best way to lose weight Fast

Don’t take me wrong. Exercise at any time of the day is better for you and helps you to lose weight. Although the walking any time is better but evening walk is especially beneficial for you because Metabolism of many peoples slows down at the end of the day. Thirty minutes of vigorous action before supper builds your metabolic rate and may keep it lifted for another a few hours, even after you’ve quit moving. Those supper calories have to a lesser extent an opportunity to take up perpetual living arrangement on your hips. Best way to lose weight Fast

So Guy’s above are some one of the best way to lose weight fast. Try above tricks and lose your weight quickly and fast.