Lecture #5 What is PC (Personal Computer)..? Various Components of Computer

What is PC(Personal Computer)..? Various Components of Computer

What is PC (Personal Computer)..?

You want to know What is PC its abbreviation of Personal computer Which is the categories of computer. It consists of three main components. They are Input unit, Central Processing Unit (CPU), and output unit.We may also says that these are the main Components of Computer

  1. Input Unit:

There are several input devices that are used to input the computer. Some most important input devices are Keyboard, microphone, touch screen and scanner etc…

  1. CPU:

CPU stands for Central processing unit. It is also called the brain of the computer. It takes input from user and processes the input and sends the results as outputs to the monitor to display.

  1. Output Unit:

CPU sends the results to the output device to display. Most common output device is Monitor. Printer, touch screens.

Central Processing Unit (CPU):

CPU is the main Component of Computer In front of CPU we can be able to access the CD-ROM, Floppy Disk Drive and also buttons by using that buttons we can turn the computer on and off. Two or Three holes like to that we can plug in the head phone or micro phone Pins.

From Back end of CPU we saw the different kinds of ports like network port, Keyboard or mouse port, Power supply port, Monitor Cable port, Video Port etc…

In this lecture we understand and discuss the different parts of CPU in detail. We will discuss the inner structure of the CPU with the help of an image.

What is PC

Central Processing unit (CPU) consists of several parts lets discuss:

  1. CD-ROM:

It stands for Compact Disk Read Only Memory. Here CD is inserted It is used to read the Compact disk. Below is the image of CD-ROM


  1. Power Cable:

This is used to supply the power to the CPU that is very necessary for computer to run it on.

Power Cable

  1. Floppy Drive:

It is also a hardware device that can read write data. It was the first storage device that can read/write portable device and was invented by IBM in 1967.

Floppy Drive

  1. Data Cable:

Data cable is any media that is used to transfer the baseband transmitters to receiver. Examples are Ethernet cables, Network Cables.

Data Cable

  1. Hard Disk Drive:

Hard disk drive (HDD) is a data storage device that is used for storing and retrieving the information. The information stored on it can be read and write on this HDD. The information is stored on one or more rapidly rotating disks called platters coated with magnetic material.

Hard Disk Drive

  1. Power Supply:

From this power cable is plugged into it that supplies power to the computer.

Power Supply

  1. Processor:

Processor is the main  component of the computer that processes the data input taken from input devices and sends the processed results to the output devices like monitors, LCD or Touch screen type output device.


  1. Fan:

It is fan just cooled down the microprocessor chip. Microprocessor consists of millions of transistors that become hot when hundreds of megabytes data is processed and in this situation metal used on the surface of fan box absorbs the heat and spreads it around all four sides. Fan also transfers heat outside and cooled down the microprocessor chip.


  1. Expansion Cards and Slots:

Expansion card in computing is printed circuit board that can be inserted in the electronic connector or expansion slot.

Expansion Cards and Slots

  1. System Bus:

Different components of the computer use system buses to communicate with each other. Buses are of two types: “What is PC (Personal Computer)..? Various Components of Computer”

  • System Bus:

Different components of the system communicate with each other by using this Bus.

  • Memory Bus:

Different components communicate with memory by using this Bus.

  1. Mouse:

Mouse is very common pointing device that consists of ball that rotates when we move the mouse over a plan surface.

In the next coming lecture we will discuss the other remaining components of the computer in detail.

  1. Network Card:
  2. Video Card:
  3. RAM:

You Learned What is PC (Personal Computer)..? Various Components of Computer


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