How To Create Youtube Channel – Make money off youtube

How To Create Youtube Channel – make money off youtube


How To Create Youtube Channel – make money off youtube There are many ways of earning money through the internet and we earn a lot of money through internet and it is said that internet marketing.

There are many methods of earning money but now we discuss that how we earn money through

Why we make channel..??

Some people made YouTube channel to share their photos, videos and make the fun b/w the people now a day everyone uses internet about 70% people are using the internet just for the entertainment and other people use to get the solution of their problem and many students use the internet  to learn help through the internet is the main entertainment website on the internet world and it gave a lot of entertainment of the people so we are made channel by getting with touch in the people and share our ideas , info through this site some people are just making the fun in YouTube and more and more people are watched and if he liked then they shared to the other so thousands of people are watched this, views and like and many people are selling her goods through this website advertisement and they paid a lot of to the YouTube and after this YouTube  gave this money to us .How To Create Youtube Channel in 6 steps – Youtube Channel

There are many types of channel which we can make in YouTube 

  • Learning forums
  • Funny videos channel
  • Entertainment videos channel
  • Share his best ideas through videos
  • Earning money channel
  • Recipe channel
  • Getting jobs channel
  • Interview’s question channel

Here is: How To Create Youtube Channel – make money off youtube

1st step how build channel:

If we want to earn money through then we want to make him the part of this biggest video website in this world we are making this site on top then the YouTube  gave him money through the Google advertisement:

In this step we 1st open her browser and then enter the in URLs we will appear the page i.e. it is shown in down and then we click it on sing in that is the right corner of this page.

We are just following the arrow sing and click on the required option

How To Create Youtube Channel

2nd step creating the channel:

After clicking on the sign in we are direct going to the Google account and if you have already Google account (Gmail) then just enter the username & password if we are not a Google account then click on the create an account

3rd step creating the channel:

After sing in the Google account, we are back in the YouTube and we are shown the profile picture at that place where we see the sign in

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4th step of creating the channel:

In this step, we area just click the setting of our profile that is shown in the YouTube and we are going to dashboard of the YouTube and after this, we upload our video and another process

5th step of creating the channel:

In this step, we just show the setting page and also the dashboard and we set our dashboard as the user side and user views.

After the setting, we just click the upload button and then we are page shown to upload our videos, ideas, and other videos content….

6th step creating the channel:

In this step, we just drag or browse our video and then publish and we also allow the setting or editing of our video before publishing

How to make money off youtube Channel..?? 

We earn through the YouTube through the Google AdSense in this Google allow him we apply the ads on our videos and when anyone click on this adds it gives the money and the Google also see that how many subscribers in our channel and what type of video content in our channel so we earn a money through the YouTube. How To Create Youtube Channel – make money off youtube