Lecture #3 Introduction to World Wide Web history of internet (WWW)

Introduction to World Wide Web history of internet (WWW)

World Wide Web history of internet In this lecture, we will discuss the WWW that what is WWW? How does it work? How it was at its first stage and how it is now and what will be added to it in the future?

Who invented the WWW?

In 1989, WWW (World Wide Web) was invented. It was a great event in the history of computer that is being used till now even in the mobile phones. It was developed by the Tim Berners Lee British Physicist at the Corn in Geneva. In the next coming lecture, we will discuss WWW in detail.  World Wide Web history of internet

What is World Wide Web (WWW)?

It is a huge collection of information. All the information that all humans have in its mind is available in WWW. It is basically the source of information. The information from all around the world exists in it. It is basically of two types that are it is

  • Logically Unified
  • Physically distributed

One of the most important things about the World Wide Web is that it can be accessed by any person either he lives in India, Either in the Pakistan, either anywhere in the world. Everyone is allowed to access it. It has no restrictions. World Wide Web history of internet

How is it used?

There are simple steps to use it just follow these steps you will be able to use WWW.

  • Sit before the computer and turn it on.
  • Make sure the internet connection
  • Launch the browser
  • Enter the address of the page in the Url Address bar and click Enter.

Just follow the above steps and you will be able to access and use WWW. World Wide Web history of internet

Introduction to World Wide Web history of internet

1993 – World’s first browser:

First of all, we should have knowledge about Web browser that what is actually it? The simple answer is that it is the tool used to access the www.

World’s first browser “Mosaic” was developed at the University of Illinois. It has some basic features

  • Its pages were test bases
  • Later on, it was enhanced to Graphics

It is also called grandfather of the WWW.

What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)?

URL is simply the address of the web page to access the page. It is entered in the address bar of the browser.

Are the accessed pages are paid?

It is very interesting that is the web pages are paid or not? Luckily it is very interesting that most of the web pages are free that have very useful information. Anyway, some of the web pages exist on the WWW that it has to pay to access those pages.World Wide Web history of internet

How WWW works?

It works through hyperlinks. These are the blue colored underlined text has the hidden address of the web pages.

  • In I999, the number of web pages is about 800 million
  • In 2002, it was about 8 billion

And now probably it would be raised up to trillions.

Question is that why the number of the web pages is increasing so fast?

The simple answer is that it is due to the unrestrictive access to WWW. There is no control on the web pages by anyone so that it is increasing fast.

What is a website?

The website is just a collection of related documents. All the Websites mostly have the common pages like Home page, about us, contact us pages.

“Home” page: It is just like the cover page of any document. It is the top most page of any website.

“Contact us” page: it has the contact number or contact related information of the owners of the websites.

“About Us” page: This page provides the information about the objective of making the web.

What are the Search Engines?

Search engines are types of websites that facilitate to access the websites. They find the new websites and do searches the new keywords, words that exist on different kinds of websites. They index the different websites and when we write the key word in the search box of the search engines and press enter then search engines search this keyword and its related content on different websites and display it.World Wide Web history of internet

Examples are Google search engine, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo etc…

  • Google search is very popular and mostly used the search engine.
  • Amazon provides the education related content.
  • Microsoft is used to provide the information about the Microsoft products.
  • Yahoo is a general purpose search engine.

Google is very useful tool there are no restrictions to upload pages you can easily post your pages or documents on the websites.

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Internet VS web:

It is very important to differentiate the Internet from a web.

Web: the web is just a service runs over the internet.

Internet: It is the infrastructure on which the webs run.

Information is available in form of video, audio, images in the form of texts and animations.“World Wide Web history of internet”

Web impact on the different fields like society, on computing on business:

Web impact on Computing:

Due to the web number of peoples is increasing that use the computer to get information of different kinds. And everyone now a day wants to touch with the computer even children’s due to this demand of the computer has been increased and it also lowers the cost. And currently, computer has become very simple and easy.

Web impact on Society:

World Wide Web history of internet The Web provides the affordable and user-friendly communication. Different kinds of software are available that facilitate the peoples from different places to communicate. Due to this, the world has become the global village like that can communicate with each by just using the web.

Web impact on business or commerce:

By using the web peoples can control their business by just sitting in their homes. They can do their office work very easily.

Note: The disadvantage of using a computer in homes is that peoples offer less time to their families, children are that affects badly the children’s growth.

Disadvantages of the web?

The Web is just designed for humans, not for a computer just humans can understand it. In the future concept of the web, semantics will be introduced to which computer also will understand easily.World Wide Web history of internet

Note: Future will be of Semantic Web