Pakistan Defense Day 6 September 2017 – 1965 War

Pakistan Defense Day 6 September 2017 – 1965 War

Here I Discussed in Brief on Pakistan Defense Day 6 September 2017 or 1965 War. Pakistan defense day is celebrated on 6 Sep. every year. Pakistan defense day is celebrated in the memory of martyred peoples who sacrifice their lives in the war between Pakistan and India. In 1965 war is fought between India and Pakistan and it was ended on 6 September and both of the countries stopped the war and damaging each other therefore Pakistani peoples celebrate this day each year in the memory martyred peoples in this 1965 war. It is the basic reason of that why it is called as Islamic Republic of Pakistan defense day. This 1965 Indo Pak war badly affected both countries in economically and financially. As Pakistan less affected and remain safe during this war therefore 6 September is celebrated as defense day of Pakistan. Now at  6 September 2017, we are all so encouraged about this day and ready to beat everything

Different military departments attribute their desires to the martyrs of 1965 war. Pakistan air aviation shows their skills and power by doing air show at Rawalpindi artillery center. Pakistan naval force and army also attribute to the martyrs according to their ways.

Here I will discuss this topic briefly that why Pakistan and Indian fought this war and how it has been ended.

History of Pak-India 6 September 1965 War :

When we try to understand the reason behind the Pak Indo war we see that the main reason behind this war was Kashmir issue that is remained unsolved even after a big Pak Indo war 6 September 1965 and till now it is the root cause of Pakistan and India relations. Pakistan has fought 3 or 4 big wars due to this issue. Pakistan relationships with India cannot go to a better situation until this big did not resolve. Both countries are looking forward to United Nations and it should resolve this issue by keeping in front demands of both countries. Both countries are working for their defense and consuming a big part of a budget for this purpose.

Many Indian leaders and army mans had thought that we will occupy Pakistan from all around in the night and will take a breakfast in the Lahore. They entered into the Pakistan according to the prepared planned at night from Lahore sector but unfortunately, they could not even cross the Canal Bridge and Pakistan army Youngers defeat Indian army at the BRB Canal Bridge near a border. When Indian army saw his defeat in Lahore, Indian attacked Pakistan from the Sialkot sector with a huge number of tanks. Historians say that it was a second big tanks war after the World War 2 that Pakistan won. Pakistan army mans destroyed Hundreds of enemy tanks by sacrificing their lives. The nation of Pakistan also support army by acclimating that we are with you all the time to save the Pakistan, it is the time to save Muslims and it is the time to donate blood for the Protection and for the defense of Pakistani peoples and Muslims. That was a great victory for Pakistan, Pakistani peoples, and Pakistan Army. Some Pakistani peoples and army commanders martyred in this war and in the memory of those martyred this day 6th of September is celebrated as Defense day of Pakistan. At this time 6 September 2017 which is the very special day for all Pakistani and all remember the Sacrifices of our soldier at 6 September 1965

6 September 2017

At 6 September 2017 is very important day for all Pakistani we are all so much happy to live in Pakistan and Pakistan army is No.1  Solider over the whole world At 6 September 2017 every Pakistani celebrate the different event and list the speech and refresh the memories related to the 6 September 1965 War so we are all happy on 6 September 2017 and so Proud of Pakistani Army

A brief discussion on the Kashmir Issue:

If we see the Kashmir and peoples living in the Kashmir then a thing that comes in front that is the most of the peoples living in Kashmir want to be a part of Pakistan or they want independence where they could live their lives according to the teachings of Islam and according to their desires. As if we analyze the Kashmir as geographically, religiously and also culturally then this point is being cleared that Kashmir is a part of Pakistan in blood, relation, in religious, in culture and also geographically. The border of Kashmir is 4 or 5 times longer with Pakistan than India and India also treats badly to Kashmiri peoples who say for independence and recently they killed a number of Kashmiri Muslims including children’s, youngers and women by guns by inhumanity, therefore, it well suits to be a part of Pakistan and not India. UN should resolve this issue as the Kashmiri nation and people want and according to the democracy rules.

Hope the above discussion will increase your information about Pakistan defense day 6 September. And also about the Kashmir issue. It will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading this article. Give your good and effective feedback after reading this post. Your feedback is valuable for us to improve our writing and also encourage us to serve more to the world. Thanks

Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan – Detailed discussion

Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan – Detailed discussion

Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan Everyone knows that Supreme Court verdict has disqualified or rejected the Prime Minister by saying that from today 28-07-2017 he is not being able to be a Prime minister of Pakistan till his whole life. Now after rejecting the Prime Minister by Supreme Court every PMLN and another political party member e.g. PTI, PP, AML parties member want to know that who will be the next prime minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. When anyone thinks about it that suddenly 2 questions raise in mind… Whether anyone among PMLN senior national assembly members is able to be a leader or to be a Prime Minister who can keep PMLN members united without having any personal confliction with party members? If the answer is yes then who will be the luckiest PMLN member of national assembly?

A few PMLN senior member’s names come in front of this thinking who can control all the party members and can keep them united without having any internal personal issue with any party member. They are

  • Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif:
  • Chaudhary Nisar Ali:
  • Khawaja Muhammad Asif:
  • Sardar Ayaz Sadiq:
  • Ashan Iqbal:

Here I will discuss above names one by one…

  • Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif:

Everyone knows that Shahbaz Sharif is the well reputed chief minister of Punjab Pakistan for many years and serving Punjab from the core of his heart. But here I will not discuss more him. I will just talk about that whether he can be a Pakistan’s next Prime Minister or not. Yes among all other party members Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif’s chances of becoming the prime minister of Pakistan because he is only the one member who belongs to Sharif family and he is the younger brother of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in blood and relation. So it has much more chances to be selected as a Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif

  • Chaudhary Nisar Ali:

Another PMLN legend politician and serving PMLN from last 33 years of his life and currently he is the Interior Minister of Pakistan whose name come in front after Shahbaz Sharif that who can also be selected as Prime Minister of Pakistan but he has fewer chances than Shahbaz Sharif. He is the most experienced PMLN member who has all get ups that are necessary to run a Political Party.Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan

Chaudhary Nisar Ali


  • Khawaja Muhammad Asif:

Khawaja Muhammad Asif is the current defense Minister of Pakistan and he is also an inner circle member of Nawaz Sharif from last few years. His name come after the name of Shahbaz Sharif and Chaudhary Nisar Ali but still, he can also be selected as a next Prime Minister of Pakistan. He has very close relationship with Nawaz Sharif too.

Khawaja Muhammad Asif

  • Sardar Ayaz Sadiq:

Everyone wants to know Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan..?? Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has also very close relation with Sharif family and he is the current speaker of the national assembly of Pakistan. He can also become Prime minister of Pakistan but first, he will have to resign from his national assembly speaker post. It would a little bit difficult for him because he has already occupied a big seat in the government but he may be selected the next prime minister of Pakistan.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq

  • Ahsan Iqbal:

The most famous personality Ahsan Iqbal who is the minister of country’s planning and as a front member of Pak-China international economic corridor implementing the 56 Billion dollars project. He also has very close relations with Sharif family. His name is being listed at number 5th when we talk about the next Prime Minister of Pakistan but he can be chosen as the next Prime minister of Pakistan after Nawaz Sharif.Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan

Ahsan Iqbal

It depends on Nawaz Sharif that to which he selects as Prime Minister of Pakistan. Currently, in an initial party meeting, Nawaz Sharif has decided to make Shahbaz Sharif the next Prime Minister of Pakistan after winning the MNA election. But another thing is that the final decision will be taken after a grand party members meeting held on Saturday. So still wait patiently as the Next Pakistan’s Prime minister will be decided it will be mention here…

Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan


Pakistan independence day 14 august 1947 and speech for 14 august in English

Speech for 14 August in English

There is too much speech are share on internet someone is edit and some are himself made some speech is also shared which are speeches by little child at their school Here I share the Best speech for 14 August in English you can listen to this it’s really heart touching  This speech for 14 August in English or speech for 14 August in Urdu is read by our dear leader and founder of Pakistan M.A. Jinnah at August 1947 Which is Pakistan Independence Day

Speech for 14 August in Urdu

speech for 14 August in Urdu: How you can imagine Pakistan is found by M.A. Jinnah Here we can see that our Political leader which is doing so wrong with Pakistan and not full-fill the requirements of nations and before these our dear leader M.A. Jinnah work hard for Pakistan and got the Pakistan in August 1947 which are the Pakistan Independence Day Thanks To ALLAH gave us this Pretty Country Pakistan.You can Watch and Listen to speech for 14 August in Urdu

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Pakistan independence day 14 August 1947 and speech for 14 August in English or speech for 14 August in Urdu

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Pakistan independence day 14 August 1947

Pakistan independence day 14 August 1947 and speech for 14 August in English or speech for 14 August in Urdu are all discussed here in complete details The area constituting Pakistan was historically a part of the British Indian Empire throughout much of the nineteenth century. The East India Company began their trade in the south Asia in the 17th century, and company rule started from 1757 when they won a battle of lassies. All India Muslim league was founded by all India Muhammad an educational conference at Dhaka in 1906.the period after World War 1 was marked by British reforms such as the Montagu-Chelmsford reforms, but it was also witnessed of the enactment of the repressive Rowlett act and strident calls for self-rule by Indian activist. First of all the idea for the separate Muslim state in northwest regions of south Asia was introduced by Allama Iqbal in his speech as the president of the Muslim league in December 1930. That was the beginning of the creation of the Pakistan. Later in the name of the Pakistan was proposed in a declaration made by Choudhary Rahmat Ali. It was to comprise the five “north units” such as Punjab, Afghani, Kashmir, Sind, and Baluchistan. In the 1940s, as the Indian independence movement intensified, an upsurge of Muslim nationalism. In this movement, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was most particular and prominent leader. Being a political party to secure the interest of the Muslim diaspora in British India, the Muslim League played a decisive role during the 1940s in the Indian independence movement and developed into the driving force in the creation of the Pakistan. Pakistan is a Muslim state in the south Asia. Lahore resolution was passed during a three-day general session of all India Muslim league from 22-24 March 1940.23 March 1940 is the Pakistan Resolution day This is also known as the creation of an independent state for the Muslims.
Independence Day:
Pakistan Independence Day is celebrated on 14 August, following its first observance on 14 August 1947. At that day there is national holiday in the commemorates the occasion of the Pakistan’s creation and also shows the sovereign nation following the partition of India on 15 August 1947. Pakistan came into existence as a result of the Pakistan movement whose main purpose was the creation a separate Muslim state for all India Muslims. This movement was led by all-India Muslim league under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In the Islamic calendar, the day of independence coincided with Ramadan 27, the eve of which, being Laylat al-Qadr, is regarded as shared by the Muslims. The main Pakistan Independence Day ceremony takes place in Islamabad and Karachi, where the national flag is hoisted at the presidential and parliament buildings. It is followed by the national anthem and live televised speeches by leaders. Usual celebratory events and festivities for the day include flag raising ceremonies, parades, and cultural events and laying of patriotic songs. A number of award ceremonies on Pakistan Independence Day are also held.”Pakistan independence day 14 August 1947 and speech for 14 August in English or speech for 14 August in Urdu

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In 1946, the Labor government in Britain, exhausted by recent events such as world war II and numerous riots, realized that it had neither the mandate at home, the support internationally, nor the reliability of the British Indian army for continuing to control an increasingly restless British India. The reliability of native forces for continuing their control over increasingly rebellious India diminished, and so the government decided to end the British rule from the subcontinent. The Indian independence at 1947 111assed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom divided British India into the two new independent dominions. On August 1947, the new dominion of Pakistan became independent and Muhammad Ali Jinnah was sworn in as its first governor general in Karachi. Independence was marked with widespread celebration, but the atmosphere remained heated as communal riots marked the independence of Pakistan in 1947.
The date of independence:
Since the transfer of owner took place on midnight of 14 and 15 August, the Indian independence act 1947 recognized 15 August as a birthday of Pakistan and the independence of India. The act states,
As from the fifteenth day of August, nineteen hundred and forty-seven, two independent Dominions shall be set up in India, to be known respectively as India and Pakistan”.
Jinnah also stated that
August 15 is the birthday of the independent and sovereign state of the Pakistan. It marks the fulfillment of the destiny of the Muslim nation which made great sacrifices in the past few years to have its homeland.”
The night of 14-15 August 1947 coincides with 27 Ramadan 1366 of the Islamic calendar, which is regarded as sacred night for the Muslims.
Pakistan Independence Day is one of the six public holidays observed in the Pakistan and is celebrated with full zest and zeal all over the Pakistan. The day began with special prayers for unity, solidarity, and development of Pakistan on 14 August. The official festivities take place in Islamabad and commence with raising of the national flag on the parliament house. There is also 31-gun salute in the capital and the 21-gun salute in provincial capitals. Citizen attending Independence Day parades and other events are usually dressed in Pakistan official color, green and white. Many people meet their friends and relatives and visit recreational spots to mark the holiday. Patriotic slogans such as Pakistan Zindabad are raised on Pakistan Independence Day. A change of guard is also taking place. “Pakistan independence day 14 August 1947 and speech for 14 August in English
Security measures:
Security measures in the country are intensified as the Independence Day approaches, especially in a major cities and trouble areas, the security is set up after various representatives of the intelligence and investigation agencies meet and handle the trouble. So on 14 August, there is very tight security all over the country.
In popular culture:
From the beginning of the 14 August, radios channel play Milli nag may and various TV shows and programs which deeply highlights the history of 14 August 1947. The film Jinnah released on 1998 follows the story of the Jinnah and details the events leading up to the independence of the Pakistan. The events during the independence of Pakistan are depicted in many literary and scholarly works.Now we Celebrate Pakistan independence day 14 August 1947 and Also Listing the  speech for 14 August in English or Speech in Urdu of our Leader M.A. Jinnah

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