What is On Page SEO, Off Page SEO…..?

What is On Page SEO, Off Page SEO ?

What  is  SEO.?

What is On Page SEO, Off Page SEO?.Search engine optimization is the term used to describe a set of process that aim in optimization for search engines , and search engine is not only for getting highly quality visitor on the website but also credibility of website and also expand our network the more people knows about him and also getting the lot of knowledge.What is SEO

Major component of SEO What is SEO:

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

ON page SEO:

On page SEO in most important component of the SEO it is used not only better ranking of our website but it may also use in the internet marketing .On page SEO make your site optimize both user and search engine and prove your site successful for you and other if your website are not optimize then no one is known about  your business and success chance of us is minimized

on page seo

There are many ON page SEO tips which make your website optimized

  • Proper URLs structure
  • Optimized Links
  • We want to used proper image content
  • Fast loading page
  • Always used the fresh and unique content
  • Proper title are used
  • Meta descriptions
  • Keyword density

Off page SEO:

It is most important to improve the position of your website in search engine result page (SERPs)

We may also say that the off page SEO is the promotion method for your website and optimized in search engine beyond the website design result.

What is On Page, Off Page SEO? SEO In Detail. Off page SEO are the outside the boundary of your website and it is include the social media, and it communicate with other websites like facebook.com and youtube.com and other sites which are mostly used in this world.What is SEO

off page seo

Importance of off page SEO:

  • Off page SEO is more important then ON page seo
  • Increase ranking
  • Get more visitor on your site
  • Increase pagerank
  • It’s important for owners

Off page SEO tips:

  •     Social networking websites

What is On Page, Off Page SEO? SEO In Detail.  In social networking websites like facebook.com,twitter,youtube.com in these side we share our content share our post and change the picture and user see that this is useful for us and want to click on this content and then views our site it is the most important and best way to sharing the content so we want to share that type of link which most people want to see and we prefer the people need then we get the more and more traffic in our site .

  •    Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another one of the most way to promotion our website and get the more and more visitor on our site

If we place some funny and that type of content which most of the people want to see and save in bookmarking and we also placed that type of content which also google search engine like and that type of site which content update frequently google search engine like that type of sites and want to promote i.e news website , Digg etc.

  •  Photo sharing

If you add some photo on your content and then share it on the flicker, picasa  and the other people are share these photo and want to comment and also share it so we may also get the more and more visitor on your sit

  •  Video sharing

Same like the photo sharing if we also add some video which most people are liked and want to watch then also share other people then we also get the more and more traffic on our site and promote our site also by making the video channel in the youtube.com

  •  Social shopping network

If you are want to made E-commerce type website and want to promote her site then we also sale our product on the MSN, yahoo online product and other sites helped us to sailing our product

  •  Blogging

Blogging is the best way to promote the website we write the blog about our site and say the visitor to keep returning your site

Blog also help us search engine   crawl on your site and also increase the ranking of your site

Blog may also help us on increasing the ranking the page of search engine (SERPs).

  •  Business reviews

Business reviews mean we say about the different useful business to people on his article and most of the people want to get the tips for good business so we get the more and more traffic on her site

  •  Yahoo answering

In off page SEO yahoo answering is an important factor if we place her link on the yahoo question , answering then we also get the more and more traffic on the website people question in yahoo answering  we place her link and say the people we gave the perfect and right answer on your question.

These above is some discussion about What is On Page SEO, Off Page SEO? . I hope you will like this and waiting your comments…