How to Use WhatsApp – messenger popularity

How to Use WhatsApp – Whatsapp messenger popularity


How to Use WhatsApp – Whatsapp messenger popularity WhatsApp came around in 2009.What’s app is a mobile messaging app that allows users to exchange text and media messages through their internet data or also Wi-Fi . User cannot pay of this sms it only used the internet data mobile data and other source of the internet

What’s app messenger is the new application for the android phone it contain a lot of feature we can chat through this messenger and also the voice message and voice call to our contact that are used this application.How to Use Whatsapp messenger popularity

Why we use what’s app:

WhatsApp is the easy to used messenger and we are chat in local level and also the global level it is totally free we are just pay the in internet connection .

  • Whats app is used in mobile so it is an easy way to used and everyone want to use this
  • What’s app is a new feature that create easiness for the used to chat at the global level
  • What app is used in our contact number so it is not difficult to create the account and every person is known your contact number
  • What’s app is totally free for the used so everyone want to use it.
  • What app is a very simple and most popular messenger it is a simple app for the used so everyone suggest this app.

How to Use WhatsApp

1st step:

In this step we are download and install the what’s app you are open the play store in your mobile phone and enter the what’s app in the search section and click the what app this page is appear and then you just click the install:How to Use Whatsapp messenger popularity

2nd step:

After click the install we are on the next page in this page you are click the accept by following the arrows sing.

3rd step:

In this step whatsapp are ready to downloading and you are just wait a few second. What’s app are download and install himself.

4th step:

In this step you’re what’s app is ready now we are click the Agree and continue button by following the arrow.

5th step:

In this step we are required to give the some information to the what’s app this is very simple app so you are just gave the phone number

6th step:

In 6th step you are enter the phone number and click next by following the arrows this is that phone number which you are want to use as a user name or that number are appear to your contact that chat with you or you chat with him.

7th step:

In this step what’s just gave you the option either you are change your number or not.

You click the ok.

8th step:

In this step you are received the 6 digit code to your phone number which you are used in the start so you enter and verify your account.

9th step:

Your what’s app account is ready to used and you are gave the status and also change the profile picture and click the next button.

10th step:

Your account is ready to use and in this step what’s app initialization your contact.

11th step:

In this step you are just click the continues button and go to your account.

12th step:

In this step you are click the chat that is under the green circle and checked that contact which you are chat with him and also chat again:

13th step:

In this step the call section which are under the green circle and show that member which voice call with you or you with him.

14th step:

WhatsApp In his step if  you are want to chat with new member that is also the contact of you so you are click that name and chat or call with his.How to Use Whatsapp messenger popularity